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How to Operate an Inflatable Money Machine

How to Operate Inflatable Money Machines

Inflatable money machines are an exciting way to scoop up some cash, coupons and other exciting discounts! 

Inflatable money machines can be decked out with your logo, name, colors and/or message.   A bright, bold color is great to grab attention and make a big impact.

Getting started is super easy!  Here is a step by step on how to operate it and blow away the competitors!

Step One

Spread out the inflatable in your desired location and place the blowers on the appropriate fan tunnel. There will be two blowers with each machine! One to inflate the unit only and one to blow the money around!

Step Two

Gather the tether straps and sandbags and make sure they are at each base tie down location.

Step Three

Gather your discount coupons, funny money, or other and place in the bottom of the unit.

Step Four

TEST INFLATE- turn on the blower that will inflate the money machine and make sure you walk around to make sure the unit is anchored down securely. 

Step Five

Have the player carefully unzip the door and enter in the machine and zip up behind them.  One the player is inside the unit, set a timer turn on the blower to circulate the money! 

Step Six

Have fun! Try and gather and collect as much money as you can! 

Once the player is out of the machine and you are ready to pack away, deflation is a piece of cake

Turn off both blowers and guide the unit down to the ground.

Once the unit is deflated it is easy to scoop out the money or coupons and store away for the next event. 

Next you will need to untie the anchor points and remove the blowers from the fan tunnels. 

After the anchor points are removed you can begin to roll up your inflatable and pack away. 

Make sure the unit is dry from any moisture before you store. 

The money machine is light weight and easy to move and store! 

If you would like to order a unique and customized Inflatable Money Machine or Cash Grab Machine, just contact us and we will be more than happy to make your dreams come true.

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