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IDG is Your One-Stop-Shop for Thanksgiving Promotion 9

IDG is Your One-Stop-Shop for Thanksgiving Promotion

This Thursday, get thanked with help from Inflatable Design Group! We have everything you need to promote your Thanksgiving products. From turkey inflatables to thanksgiving football to Black Friday promotion, IDG has you covered. Inflatable Design Group has a reputation for high-quality custom inflatables and excellent customer service. We work with each client every step of the way to ensure the best product and customer experience possible. Check out our photo galleries full of satisfied customers’ inflatables. For example, check out some creative ideas on our Custom Shapes page. Also, our sports website includes many football inflatables. In addition, consider our Product Replicas page for examples of product promotion. Thanksgiving promotion with IDG will leave you and your customers full of gratitude!

Custom Inflatable Turkey for Thanksgiving Promotion

You can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey! As the whole country swarms local grocery stores and supermarkets for the bird, you have the opportunity to make sure your store is promoted well. This is possible in a number of ways, such as promotional logos, product replicas, or custom inflatables! As you can see in the pictures below, customers decided that custom inflatable turkeys would be the best promotion. For example, Carolina Turkey Products had Inflatable Design Group create a large inflatable turkey. This called attention to the Carolina brand over competitors. Therefore, Carolina turkeys were fresher in customers’ minds as they entered the market for Thanksgiving turkey. So, Thanksgiving promotion turns to custom inflatables with IDG! Consider our Custom Shapes page for more examples of creative promotional products. Like Carolina Turkey Products, your brand benefits from custom inflatables from IDG! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Carolina Turkey Products Thanksgiving promotion
Carolina Turkey Products Custom Inflatable Turkey Promotion

Furthermore, like the Carolina turkey pictured above, IDG created custom inflatables for Foster Farms. Foster Farms is one of the West Coast’s biggest poultry producers. Therefore, there are certain characters made popular by Foster Farms advertising. The two chickens pictured below are from the company’s “Foster Imposter Chickens” campaign. So, Inflatable Design Group brought these advertisement characters to life with giant custom inflatables! Moreover, the famous characters sat next to a large inflatable turkey. Therefore, this called attention to the intended Thanksgiving promotion. Foster Farms did not even use their name or logo, because their characters are so recognizable. This is possible only with IDG’s ability to customize inflatables and our artists’ accurate talents. All in all, the 20-foot-tall inflatable chickens and turkey served successfully as Thanksgiving promotion! Consider Inflatable Design Group for your custom inflatable needs!

Foster Farms Thanksgiving promotion
Foster Farms Thanksgiving Promotion Custom Inflatable Turkey and Chickens

Custom Inflatables for your Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

Inflatable Design Group is all in on charitable causes for Thanksgiving! So, go check out our Arches and Entryways page to see many 5K’s and other inflatables made supporting good causes. For example, IDG created the start/finish line for the upcoming 2019 Redlands Turkey Trot. The turkey trot includes a 5K run/walk and a 1K fun run for kids! Also, the Redlands Turkey Trot organizers encourage charity by offering discounted prices to participants who bring canned food. So, Inflatable Design Group supported this charitable Thanksgiving promotion event by creating an inflatable arch. We customized the arch to feature the Redlands Turkey Trot logo and colors, with a “Start/Finish” banner hanging from the top! This archway will be an awesome addition to the event and will prove to be a successful photo-op. Therefore, participants and families alike will spread the word about the turkey trot!

Redlands Turkey Trot Inflatable Arch
Redlands Turkey Trot Inflatable Start/Finish Arch

In addition, Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen utilized IDG’s custom inflatables for their 2018 turkey trot! As you can see in the picture below, the arch created by our talented artists includes Angels and Sparrows’ logo as well as a 3D turkey at the top! Also, the 3-dimensional turkey is accompanied by equally colorful turkeys painted on the sides. The joyful cartoon turkeys Angels and Sparrows had in mind came to life with IDG! Inflatable Design Group is happy to support great causes like this, as Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen serves underprivileged men, women, and children in the Charlotte area. They have more information about their cause on their website, check it out! Furthermore, as you can see in the second picture below, the group liked our inflatable so much that they included it in their flier for the 2019 turkey trot!

Angels and Sparrows Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Promotion Arch
Angels and Sparrows Turkey Trot Inflatable Arch
Angels and Sparrows Turkey Trot 2019 Flier
Angels and Sparrows 2019 Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving and Football Go Together Like Turkey and Stuffing

Inflatable Design Group has a close relationship with football. In fact, we have a whole separate website dedicated to our sports inflatables. So, check out our football inflatables! Thanksgiving has also developed a close relationship with football. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys have hosted NFL football games since 1934 and 1966, respectively. Also, this Thanksgiving, the Atlanta Falcons are also hosting a game against the New Orleans Saints! So, to assist in the Thanksgiving promotion, IDG creates custom football inflatables. As you can see in the picture below, our artists create accurate logos and product replicas. The iconic trophy, logo, and football proved to be photogenic, as football fans from any fan base posed next to each inflatable. In addition, a popular football promotional product is IDG’s mascot landing pages. These include the team mascot as well as a tunnel for players to run through.

NFL Football Promotional Inflatables
NFL Trophy, Logo, and Football Custom Inflatables

Check out more examples of these and much more here! Also, consider Inflatable Design Group for football promotion! Whether you are looking to support your NFL, college, or high school team, IDG has you covered. Especially around Thanksgiving, football is the talk of the town. So, make sure you do your Thanksgiving promotion right by working with IDG! Contact us for a free estimate today!

Help Those in Need this Thanksgiving

This last section of the blog is not about inflatables. I want to close with a call to action! According to, about 13.8% of San Diegans live below the poverty level. Organizations like the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and North County Food Bank make efforts to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. According to their website, their food banks distribute food to about 350,000 people every month. If you are in the San Diego area and able, please take a moment to check out their page and consider supporting them. For those outside of San Diego, find your nearest food bank or other organization and see what you can do to help. If not, there are plenty of other ways to help those who are less fortunate.

Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank Logo
San Diego Food Bank Logo

Yes, Thanksgiving is for reuniting with family and friends. It is for enjoying meals with those you love and watching football. But it is also for counting your blessings. This Thanksgiving, take the time to consider those who do not have families to reunite with. Think about what you can do for those who are unable to afford a turkey dinner. Your support and help, no matter how much, is important. Happy Thanksgiving from IDG!