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Get the Help You Need with IDG Videos!

How To’s to Cure Your Inflatable Blues

We just recently updated our Inflatable Design Group YouTube channel! Our channel, IDG Inflatables, is now home to our awesome How To videos! We created this playlist to make the perfect place to answer all of your inflatable questions. We base our videos off your frequently asked questions! From how to connect your misting station to inflating your custom entryway, we have IDG videos that can help you. If you can’t find a video for something and you would like us to look into making one, don’t hesitate to send us an email at Here at IDG our customers are number 1 which is why we want to produce content that fits your needs!

IDG Videos will Make You an Inflatable Pro!

No more second guessing if you blew up your inflatable correctly or wondering how to connect your motor to the fan tunnel with our new IDG videos! Our videos are made with you in mind, so check out our YouTube first and become an inflatable pro yourself. We will also post lots of videos of your favorite inflatables in action wherever they are. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to feel even closer to the team with our IDG videos! And check out our newest edition to the IDG site. We made a place on our website specifically for new videos. So go to About and click on the Inflatable Videos to see the latest how to’s and more.