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The Biggest and Best Custom Entertainment Industry Inflatables

The Biggest and The Best of IDG’s Custom Entertainment Industry Inflatables

With over 30 years in the industry, Inflatable Design Group has perfected the art of custom inflatable creations.  That’s why it is no surprise that our team has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to create giant custom entertainment industry inflatables. 

Below are our biggest and best custom entertainment industry inflatables!

Disney+ Day 2021 Pop Up Activation

Disney Custom Entertainment Industry Inflatables in Nashville
Disney+ Day Custom Inflatables in Nashville

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the streaming service Disney +, Disney wanted to create a worldwide magical celebration.  Disney picked 6 cities around the world to host the surprise pop-up activation.  Three of these cities were in the United States while the other three were international destinations. 

Inflatable Design Group worked with Disney to create custom inflatables of iconic Disney characters and symbols.  One set of the inflatables were sent to each country while another set stayed in the United States and traveled to the various cities of the event. 

These custom entertainment industry inflatables add excitement to the Disney + Day event and allowed people to form personal connections with some of their favorite Disney characters. Learn more about the Disney + inflatables here.

Adult Swim Tuca & Bertie Giant Floating Inflatable Activation

How do you make let everyone know about the premiere of your new show?  Work with IDG to create a giant custom inflatable floating activation of course!

Giant Custom Inflatable Replicas of Tuca & Bertie Floating in New York Harbor
Giant Custom Inflatable Replicas of Tuca & Bertie Floating in New York Harbor

In 2019, the popular television network, Adult Swim, picked up the adult animated show Tuca & Bertie after it was canceled by Netflix.  To announce the premiere of the show on its new network, Adult Swim worked with IDG to create giant custom inflatable replicas of the show’s two title characters.

Two sets of these giant custom entertainment industry inflatables were made.  One was sent to New York while the other one was sent to Los Angeles.  On June 12th and June 13th, the two sets of custom inflatable replicas were displayed on a giant barge and pulled along the coasts of both cities. The inflatables were giant and caught the attention of everyone on the shore.  Overall, the giant inflatable floating activation proved to be successful!  Learn more about this unique inflatable activation here.

Life in Color Music Festival Custom Inflatable Stage Set

life in color custom inflatable stage set
Life In Color Custom Inflatable Stage Set


Inflatable Design Group worked with the creative crew behind the Life in Color Music Festival to

The Life in Color Music Festival was advertised as being “the world’s largest paint party”.  It was an annual event that traveled to cities all around the world with a different theme each year.

One year, the theme of the festival was Kingdom.  To help bring their theme to life, Life in Color worked with Inflatable Design Group to create a giant custom inflatable geometric colorful lion.  This custom inflatable was used as the main focus of the festival and as the festival’s main stage.  Learn more about this custom inflatable stage set here.

Custom Entertainment Industry Inflatables for Travis Scott

Custom entertainment industry inflatables make the perfect stage set for traveling music festivals, such as the above-mentioned Life in Color, as they are lighter and cheaper to transfer than traditional materials used in stages.  That is why popular music artists, such as Travis Scott, use custom entertainment industry inflatables for their concert tour stage sets or as stage props.

Custom Inflatable for Travis Scott’s Album Cover Shot by David LaChapelle

Inflatable Design Group worked with rapper Travis Scott to create multiple custom inflatable stage props that were used for his tour.  Among these custom inflatable stage props were a giant inflatable astronaut that was set up to a timer and inflated at a specific time during his show and even a giant custom inflatable entranceway of the rapper’s head.  The custom inflatable entryway was also used as part of Travis Scott’s album cover.  Learn more about the custom inflatables IDG made for Travis Scott here.

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