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inflatable cartoon replicas to increase business

Inflatable Cartoon Replicas: How to Use Them to Increase Your Business

In our blog last week, we discussed the various industries IDG has worked with and the cartoon characters our skilled team has replicated into amazing, highly detailed custom inflatable replicas.  This week we are going to tell you ideas on how to use your inflatable cartoon replicas.  

Inflatable Cartoon Replicas to Promote Movie/TV Premieres

Custom inflatable cartoon replicas can be used for all types of events or activations.  They help build a personal connection between a viewer and their favorite cartoon character.  This is why inflatable cartoon replicas are often used to promote new tv shows, tv show seasons, and movies.

In 2020, AdultSwim, a popular TV network, picked up the show Tuca & Bertie after it was canceled by Netflix.  The show premiered on its new channel in June 2021.  To promote the popular adult cartoon and make sure everyone knew its new home, IDG brought the show’s two title characters to life in the form of giant custom inflatable cartoon replicas.  These inflatables were set up on a giant barge and pulled along the coast of Los Angeles and through New York harbor.     

Custom Inflatable Tuca and Bertie Cartoon Replicas in New York and Los Angeles
Tuca & Bertie Custom Inflatable Replicas in New York Harbor (left) and on the Coast of Los Angeles (right)

These custom inflatable replicas were a great way to grab the attention of those familiar with the show and those who had no idea what the show was.  The giant floating activation was seen by many people and posted all over social media, creating a buzz for the show’s premiere. 

IDG has also created inflatable cartoon replicas for the movie premieres of The Simpson Movie, Kung-Fu Panda 3, and more.  Like Tuca & Bertie, these custom inflatables helped build buzz for the movie premieres. 

custom inflatable cartoon replicas for movie premieres
Custom Inflatables for The Simpsons Movie (left) and Kung-Fu Panda 3 (right)

Pop-Ups Breathe Life into Cartoons

Ever wished you could visit a restaurant from a cartoon you watched or a video game you played?  The popular online game Fortnite has used inflatable cartoon replicas to bring many of their online restaurants off the screen and into real life. 

Recently, Fortnite partnered with basketball player Lebron James to bring the restaurant El Rey’s Taco Tuesday out of the game and into real life as a pop-up event.  This pop-up took place in Los Angeles for three days during July 2021.  To help enhance this pop-up experience, IDG created an inflatable cartoon replica of the restaurant’s taco mascot.

Inflatables for fortnight pop up restaurant
Inflatable Fortnite Taco at Pop-Up Event in LA

IDG has also created inflatable cartoon replicas of Fortnite’s other popular restaurants Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.  Like the El Rey’s Taco inflatable, these cartoon replica inflatables helped bring the video game’s restaurants to life so fans could visit in the real world.

inflatable replicas of fortnite durrr burger and pizza pit logos
Inflatable Replica of Fortnite Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit

Stand Out at Comic-Con with Inflatable Cartoon Replicas

With around 130,000 attendees and over 350 exhibitors, how do you make sure your booth stands out at Comic-Con?  With custom inflatable cartoon replicas of course!

IDG has worked with many companies to help make sure their Comic-Con booth or brand stands out with custom inflatable cartoon replicas.  These companies include Adult Swim, BeKyoot, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and more. 

San Diego Comic-Con Cartoon Inflatables Hasbro, Cartoon Network, BeKyoot
Inflatable Regular Show Characters from Cartoon Network on Building in San Diego (top), BeKyoot (bottom left), and Hasbro (bottom right) Inflatable Replicas at Company Booths

Whether displayed at their booth or towering above San Diego outside the event, custom inflatable cartoon replicas increased brand visibility and awareness at Comic-Con.  Check out more of our Film, TV, and Video Game inflatables here.

Custom inflatable replicas are the perfect addition to any convention or tradeshow booth, not just Comic-Con.  Find out more about how custom inflatables can help improve your tradeshow booth visibility here.

Order Your Inflatable Replica

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, IDG can turn anything into a highly detailed custom inflatable replica, not just cartoon characters!  We have worked with companies such as King’s Hawaiian and Pepsi to replicate their products into giant, highly detailed custom inflatable products. 

Look at our collection of inflatable product replicas here and get started on turning your own cartoon character or product into a giant inflatable replica!  Email our team at for a free quote.