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Stride Into Your Next Event with Inflatable 5k Arches 1

Stride Into Your Next Event with Inflatable 5k Arches

Spring is the calling card of warm weather, getting outside and the beginning of RUNNING SEASON. From fun run 5k’s to super serious marathons, the season for running is almost here! Spring right into it with Inflatable 5k Arches that will motivate runners to make it over the finish line. Brand your run the right way with an arch that really showcases your event. We specialize in customization giving you the option to do just about anything! From a variety of shapes and sizes to creative artwork, make your inflatable 5k arches as simple or complicated as you’d like! The ability to customize is great for a variety of budgets and gives you a little wiggle room with creativity! You can set a new personal best with inflatables that will make your 5k/marathon/etc into a household name.

inflatable 5k arches

Inflatable Arches Are a Great Start to Any 5k or Marathon

Come off the starting line in style with inflatable 5k arches. Arches are more than just a mile marker. Inflatables are a great option for every event because they are extremely versatile and have multiple uses. For example, use your inflatable to help your cause by offering sponsorship space. We can work with you and your sponsors to create velcro banners, signs, or airbrushed artwork that will be worth their contribution. Our talented graphic designers can help you choose a design that seamlessly incorporates your sponsorship spot into your overall arch design. And that’s not all! Use your archways a mile markers along the track or signs for water stations and volunteer booths. Each archway can be customized for it’s exact purpose or go simple and use your inflatable at other events as well. There is no limit to what you can do when you work with Inflatable Design Group.

So if you are looking for a quality structure to really set the mood on race day look no further! We have done inflatable 5k arches for organizations like the Buffalo Bills, Night Nation, Colorado Rockies, and many more! Here at IDG we strive to create top quality inflatables that you’ll love. So check out our website for more info or send us an email to