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Inflatable Advertising Products will give YOU the competitive advantage!


inflatable advertising products

The Bigger the Better with Inflatable Advertising Products

From tradeshows to sporting events, inflatable advertising products are the answer to getting your business to the next level!


In this day and age of marketing blitzkriegs, from magazine ads to internet pop-ups, still nothing beats the classic, eye-catching pizazz of a giant inflatable replica of your product!  Indoor or outdoor, from 6 feet tall to 60 feet tall, Inflatable Design Group can customize an inflatable imitation of any shape, brand, product, character, or mascot! So, start your inflatable journey now!


Are you promoting the launch of a new product at a tradeshow?  It’s easy for your booth to be buried in obscurity by all the competitors’ bells and whistles.  Grab everyone’s attention from across the showroom and leave them with a lasting impression of your product’s labeling.  All it takes is a larger than life product replica from Inflatable Design Group!


Are you having a grand opening?  Put an inflatable replica of your most popular item next to the road or on top of your roof to appropriately notify the passersby.  Inflatables are lightweight and easy to inflate. Take it down after the grand opening and put it back up for special promotions.

Sight Seeing the Inflatables!

If your establishment is hard to find, nothing functions better as a beacon than a highly visible inflatable landmark.  Maybe your restaurant sells the best coffee or ice cream in town.  If you place a seven feet tall coffee mug or banana split on the sidewalk outside your door, you better brew an extra pot or peel some more bananas!


Sporting events are the perfect location to show off a custom inflatable replica.  Will your company be marketing a product at the game?  Easily transported and easily seen from the sidelines, product replicas are the answer.  Create an enormous mascot to tower over the playing field for heightened spirit and motivation.

From giant hamburgers and fries for Wendy’s to 10 feet tall shampoo bottles for Pantene, from a giant New England Patriot’s helmet to a 15 feet tall Surefoot ski boot, Inflatable Design Group has established itself as a national leader in the field of custom product replicas.  So, visit our website for more information and call for a quote today!