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Bring the Fun to Every Event with an Inflatable Animal 92

Bring the Fun to Every Event with an Inflatable Animal

Impress Your Guests with an Inflatable Animal

Start your next event off right with an inflatable animal from IDG. Our inflatables are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are trying to educate, entertain or simply jazz up your event, we have the perfect inflatable animal for you. Inflatables are a great way to increase visibility and make your event stand out. You can even advertise with these larger than life inflatable animals and draw in the crowds. Attendees will look in awe at your inflatable creation. Here at Inflatable Design Group, you can send us your own original design or we can help you illustrate the perfect creature for your needs. 

inflatable animalFurry or Finned We Make Animals that Win

In the past we have done a variety of inflatable animals. We have brought to life cats, sharks, eagles and even custom ones like a zebra elephant. There is no animal that we can’t make. You can display your inflatable anywhere: in a museum, on a sports field, or at a convention center. We make our inflatables in any size so they fit perfectly at your venue. In addition, our inflatables are easy to inflate and disassemble in minutes so you can enjoy your event to the fullest. Check out the rest of our website for even more, amazing custom inflatables. We can’t wait to help you start your inflatable journey.

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