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Inflatable Archway to Kick Off Those New Year Resolutions 1

Inflatable Archway to Kick Off Those New Year Resolutions

inflatable archway

New Year, New Inflatable Archway

2018 is finally here which means everyone is beginning their New Year resolutions. From fitness to overall personal improvement, people will be rushing to compete in 5k’s, marathons, and other outdoor fun! So bring in those New Year crowds with an inflatable archway from Inflatable Design Group. This is the perfect time of year to get in your order so that you can utilize your inflatable as soon as possible. Archways are a great way to advertise your event and add that extra wow factor. Everyone will look forward to finishing under your inflatable archway. 

Stay Fit and Stick to Those New Year Resolutions with IDG

Help keep everyone on track with Inflatable Design Group. Crowds will be pumped and ready to race once they see your archway. These inflatables are ideal for lining a track because they are durable and extremely versatile. No matter what the terrain our inflatables can withstand it all. In fact, our archways have been featured at mud races like the Survivor Mud Run. In addition, our inflatables are versatile and easy to transport. Does your 5k travel across the United States? Then our inflatable archways will go right with you. They are a great light-weight and easy to assemble option. All of our inflatables come with an convenient carrying case that will keep your inflatable neat and damage-free. 

inflatable archwayInflatable Design Group Puts the Solution in Resolution!

Try something new this year with Inflatable Design Group. Whether it is an inflatable archway or a different custom creation, here at IDG we can do it all. We love our clients which is why we provide top-notch customer service and do our best to make sure your inflatable is absolutely perfect. So rule 2018 with an inflatable creation that will run right over the competition.