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Get Fit this Summer with Inflatable Archways From IDG 2

On your marks…Get set…GO with IDG for Custom Inflatable Archways

Race Day Runs

Every year people are running all over the US through massive custom inflatable archways to kick off 5ks, 10ks, marathons and more! Races draw crowds from hundreds of people to thousands and happen across the country. Races are fun for all ages and are an experience for the family, friends or even just yourself! There is a vast amount of the kinds of races from endurance to charitable races and all the way to just plain fun! Any race can be amplified with the help of custom inflatable archways and inflatables from Inflatable Design Group!

Custom Inflatable Archways Come in All Shapes & Sizes

Custom inflatable archways and Start/Finish lines are always a perfect fit for any run, but there is so much more that can be added! You can create custom inflatable columns to line your raceway and wow the crowd! Our columns can be customized with lights so, your run will shine day or night! Inflatable archways will grab the attention of the crowd from miles away. Inflatable columns and archways are perfect for finish line photo ops for runner and you! You can add photos to all of your social media of the excitement at your race from having awesome custom inflatables!

Super Support

Custom inflatables give you endless possibilities for your race. Recreate your race’s entire logo and bring it to life with a custom replica. Draw in crowds with the use of a giant custom inflatable with your logo or your charity’s logo. You can even design your custom inflatable to represent any of your sponsors! We can customize our inflatable product replicas to be the most realistic recreation of a product or sponsor. We can bring any product to life, from inflatable shoes to custom inflatable jerseys and more! With races happening year round, it is never too late to take the first step in amplifying your race. Create an experience that no one will forget with the help of custom inflatables from Inflatable Design Group.