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why inflatables are the best material for art

Inflatable Art Pieces: Why Inflatables Are the Best Material for Art

At Inflatable Design Group we work with artists all over the country to bring their ideas to life via inflatable art pieces and sculptures.  Inflatables, which are often made with vinyl-coated nylon, are the best material for art for many reasons.

The Possibilities are Endless with Inflatable Art Pieces

One of the biggest reasons inflatables are the best material for art pieces is that with inflatables, anything is possible.  As mentioned before, IDG has worked with many artists to bring their ideas to life via giant custom inflatable art pieces.  These installations have ranged from the world’s largest chocolate bunny to an inflatable terracotta army with American pop-culture character heads.

Inflatable Terracotta Pop Culture Statues by Lizabeth Rossof
Inflatable Terracotta Pop Culture Statues by Lizabeth Rossof

Inflatable Design Group is lucky to have assembled the most talented craftspeople in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry.  All have a keen sense of attention to detail and can help transform any vision or idea into an amazing, highly detailed custom inflatable art piece. 

To learn more about the custom inflatable process and how our team can transform any product, vision, or idea into a custom inflatable read our blog on the process of creating inflatable product replicas

Inflatables are Lighter Than Traditional Art Materials

Another great benefit of using inflatables to bring your art pieces together is that the material used to make inflatables, vinyl-coated nylon, is lighter than traditional materials used to create art.

For example, a sculpture that is 8 feet tall would weigh approximately 600 pounds if made of stone, 2,000 pounds if made of iron, and only 30 pounds if made as an inflatable!

Comparison of 8' Custom Inflatable Art Piece Weight vs Stone and Steel Statues
Comparison of 8′ Custom Inflatable Art Piece Weight vs Stone and Steel Statues

Please note, the weight of inflatable art pieces depends on many different factors including the complexity of the inflatables and whether or not the inflatable is digitally printed or air-brushed.  If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page or ask your experienced IDG sales representative.

Easy to Travel with and Set Up!

Since inflatable art pieces are relatively light, they are extremely easy to travel with and great for traveling installations or art shows.  Custom inflatable art pieces pack up into relatively small packages.  This means that they take up minimal space when traveling from location to location.  Since they are light, they are also cheaper than traditional art materials to transport to wherever your next art show may take you.

Traditional materials can also be easily damaged during transportation.  With inflatables, if you clean and pack up your inflatable properly it will be hard to damage.  This means less stress for you!

In addition to being light, easy to transport, and hard to damage, custom inflatable art pieces are also extremely easy to set up.  All you need is space and access to electricity!  Just roll out your inflatable, attach the blower, plug the blower into electricity, turn it on, and watch your vision inflate!

Animal Soul Custom Inflatable Art Piece by Jason Hackenwerth
Animal Soul Custom Inflatable Art Piece by Jason Hackenwerth

Check out our YouTube channel for detailed videos showing how to inflate, deflate, and clean custom inflatables. 

Order Your Inflatable Art Pieces Today

 Sculptures and other works of art can be made of various materials including stone, plastic, wood, e-waste, and more.  However, those materials can be heavy, hard to transport, and easily damaged.  Custom inflatable art pieces are relatively light in comparison.  They are also very easy to set up and, after your show, can easily be packed up and shipped off to your next destination.

IDG’s team of talented craftsmen can be virtually any vision to life in the form of custom inflatables.  Contact our team at to get a free quote and get started on your custom inflatable art. 

Need some inspiration?  Check out our previous work with inflatable art installations on our website.