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inflatable art bring your ideas to life

Inflatable Art Sculptures and Installations Bring Your Ideas to Life

Bring your art to life and make a statement with custom inflatable art sculptures and installations.  When you work with Inflatable Design Group’s talented team, you have complete creative power.  Send us your idea, dimensions, and colors and we will bring your idea to life in the form of a highly detailed, eye-catching custom inflatable art piece.

custom inflatable art sculptures octopus and skull
Jessica Finley Inflatable Octopus Sculpture (left) and Inflatable Skull Sevendog Art (right)

From Idea to Inflatation: The Custom Inflatable Process

IDG’s team of experienced sales representatives will walk you through the process of bringing your idea to life in the form of a custom inflatable.  We try our absolute best to make the ordering and custom inflatable manufacturing process as easy as possible. 

Upon receiving your artwork, our creative department will utilize top-of-the-line 3D imaging software to visualize your creative idea.  This 3D rendering is stylized to your preferences including coloring and dimensions.  Once the 3D render is approved, your custom inflatable art will be crafted by one of our experienced craftsmen.  Finally, the custom inflatable art sculpture goes back to the creative department for final painting and design touchups.

custom inflatable art head with air brushing for david lachapelle traveling exhibit
David LaChapelle You’re In My Head Custom Inflatable Art Sculptures: Adding Finishing Art Work (left) and Completed (right)

Custom Inflatable Art Makes a Statement

When it comes to art, size is often important.  Custom inflatable art sculptures and installations can be as big or small as the artist envisions, allowing artists to make a statement either way.   For example, in artist David LaChapelle’s work Death by Hamburger, the giant size of the inflatable hamburger was needed to convey the satirical message of the work.

custom inflatable giant hamburger for art picture
David LaChapelle’s Death By Hamburger Portrait

With inflatable art, sculptures and installations can be brought to life in virtually any size and dimensions the artist envisions. 

Inflatable Art Sculptures and Installations Make Traveling Easy

Many art installations travel around the country, sometimes even the world.  Traveling and transportation can be hard and expensive when it comes to sculptures and installations made from traditional art media such as stone or wood.  However, inflatable art sculptures and installations are easy to travel with and cheaper to transport.  After an art show is done simply deflate and pack your custom inflatable art into the provided storage bag to transport to the next show.  Depending on the size of the artwork the inflatable may even fit in the back of a car.  Once at the next show, just unpack and inflate.

Bedford Gallery Inflating Lizabeth Rossof’s 5 Xian America Warriors Inflatable Art

An excellent example of traveling art installations is David LaChapelle’s “You’re in My Head” inflatable sculptures.  These inflatable sculptures were part of Smirnoff’s Midnight Circus event that took place in various cities around the world.  Since LaChapelle’s sculpture was inflatable, it was easy to transport and set up at Smirnoff’s events around the world. 

custom inflatable art sculptures traveling art exhibit for smirnoff
David LaChapelle’s You’re In My Head Custom Inflatable Art Sculptures

Using Air as an Element of Art

With custom inflatable art sculptures and installations artists can utilize air as an added element to their art piece.  For example, artist Lewis deSoto utilized air in his art piece Paranirvana (self-portrait) to add to the piece’s symbolism.  This custom 26-foot-long inflatable sculpture is said, by deSoto, to symbolize “being released from the cycle of death and rebirth”.  In this case, the inflatable sculpture’s blower provided the piece with life and death as it, quite literally, breathes life into the art piece.  When the blower is unplugged, the custom inflatable deflates symbolizing death.  The custom inflatable sculpture is then reborn once the blower is turned back on.   

custom inflatable at art museum
Lewis deSoto, Paranirvana (self-portrait) Custom Inflatable Sculpture

You can read more about Lewis deSoto and how he used air as an added element in his art piece Paranirvana (self-portrait) here

Inflate Your Art with Inflatable Art Sculptures

Work with IDG to breathe some life into your art and make a statement with custom inflatable art sculptures and installations.  Our team can bring anything to life in the form of custom inflatables.  From design to inflation, our team will be with you every step of the way. 

Get started on your custom inflatable art sculpture today.  Email us at to get a quote. 

Inflatable art can also be used as stage sets, album art, or for education.  Check out more examples of custom inflatable art here.