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Oktoberfest means beer business with promotional inflatable products 3

Inflatable Beverages will warm your belly this holiday season



Quench your thirst with inflatable beverages!

It’s hard to believe November is here and the holiday season upon us! Inflatable beverages are your holiday season go to. 

Nothing like a cup of joe to warm you up as you shop around for those holiday presents.  Inflatable product replicas such as these GIANT inflatable mugs and coffee cups are a great way to bring in weary shoppers.

Inflatable Product replicas are some of my favorite inflatables because you take that one product, food item, drink, candy bar and you make it BIG!  Your product is showing off BIG TIME!  We all like to show off from time to time and bigger is better to help leave that lasting impression.


We can make GIANT inflatable presents as well… just need a GIANT inflatable tree to put them under!