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Get Ready for Oktober Fest with an Inflatable Beer Replicas! 2

Get Ready for Oktober Fest with an Inflatable Beer Replicas!

inflatable beer replicasStrap on Your Lederhosen and Get Ready to Celebrate

Oktober Fest is in full swing in its birthplace of Munich and it’s traditions have been trickling down into other countries as well! So gear up for your upcoming local beer fest with some perfect inflatable beer replicas. Get a replica of an enormous stein or an identical bottle of the beer that you will be serving. You will wow the crowds with a larger than life inflatable. These inflatables are great for any occasion. They’re not just for Oktober Fest, use them at breweries, music festivals, and even corporate events. 

Let’s Raise Our Glasses to Inflatable Beer Replicas

Beer-lovers will flock to your event just to see your incredible inflatable. Quench everyone’s thirst with a 20′ tall beer that will tower over everyone’s head. Inflatables are a great way to gain visibility while keeping the atmosphere fun and light. We work with you to create the ideal inflatable. Whether you own a beer fest or a brewery, we can customize your inflatable to best suit your needs. Increase brand recognition with your label plastered on a life-like replica of your product. Your inflatable will catch the eyes of your potential customers. 

Celebrate Oktober Fest with IDG

Get festive this fall with an inflatable beer replica that is perfect for any occasion. These replicas aren’t just for Oktober Fest, these inflatables are super versatile so use them all year long. Our inflatables are easy to inflate and even easier to disassemble. With the flick of a switch your inflatable will be ready for its audience. In addition, they come in a super convenient folding bag so that you can take your inflatable on the go wherever, whenever! So contact us today at and we will get you started on your inflatable journey!