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Oktoberfest means beer business with promotional inflatable products 5

Inflatable Characters and Inflatable Bottle Replicas with IDG

Quench your thirst with inflatable bottle replicas! 

Inflatable bottle replicas are the ideal addition to any 5k or festival. Since our inflatable replicas can tower over people and tents, they are the perfect attention grabber for any crowd! Direct your crowds straight to water stations by having a giant water bottle positioned right next to it! In addition to land markers, inflatable bottle replicas are the greatest advertisement for your sponsors. Advertising from big name brand bottles to startup drink companies, inflatables have made it easier! No one will be able to ignore your product when there is an enormous inflatable replica! It is important to stay hydrated at festivals and 5ks and now it is even fun!

Seeing Double?

Can you imagine seeing one of your favorite TV or movie characters almost 20 feet tall? Inflatable Design Group does the best work in bringing characters to life off the screen with inflatable character replicas! We can make an identical version of your character for any event or occasion! At Inflatable Design Group, we pay close attention to detail on all of our character replicas so; we can ensure they are truly themselves. Inflatable character replicas can be for any show and even product characters. In fact, you can bring anything to life with a character replica; from the Jollibee to Rick & Morty and whoever else your imagination takes you to!


The IDG Way

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we have over 25 years of experience in the inflatable industry. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring you will always be satisfied with you inflatable! We produce the highest quality inflatable with the highest quality service. Inflatable Design Group is your go to custom inflatable company. We love bringing your ideas to life! So, call us now to start your inflatable creation with our helpful team!