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IDG's How to: Inflatable Bounce House Set up and Take Down

IDG’s How to: Inflatable Bounce House Set up and Take Down

Inflatable Bounce House Inflation

Welcome back to week three of our Fall How to Series. This week we will be giving instruction on how to set up and take down a Inflatable Bounce House. Bounce Houses are perfect for any event. Use inflatable bounce houses for fan zones, family fun days before the big game, festivals, and so much more. Set up and take down are easy and bounce house keep kids even adults entertained for hours.

Set Up:

  1. Roll Out and unfold
  2. Align all four corners
  3. While deflated, place banner on the front of the inflatable
  4. Locate fan tunnel, secure with tethers and turn air on
  5. Secure the bounce house using tethers and stakes

Take Down:

  1. Turn off air
  2. Locate zippers to release air trapped inside bounce house, there is one zipper on each side of the bounce house
  3. Lay flat, make sure as much air as possible is released
  4. Fold according to video ( at 1:00 min)
  5. Store dry