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educate with an inflatable brain exhibit

It is Brain Awareness Week! Educate with an Inflatable Brain Exhibit!

March 14th to March 20th is brain awareness week 2022.  This week is all about increasing public awareness about brain science, or neuroscience, and our advancements in the industry.  What better way to do this than with a larger-than-life custom inflatable brain exhibit?

Inflatable Design Group’s inflatable brain exhibits allow participants to field trip through the brain and learn about how the brain works, how certain things affect the brain, and more!  They provide a fully immersive and interactive educational experience and a new perspective of our body’s most complex organ. 

custom inflatable brain exhibit
Inflatable Brain Exhibit

Customize Your Inflatable Brain Exhibit

IDG’s inflatable brain exhibits allow people of all ages to walk through the brain and learn about our body’s most complex organ.  Lights inside of the inflatable brain exhibit make it easy to view the educational signs and learn about how the brain works. 

Inflatable brain exhibits are a great way to show how various conditions, such as epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more affect the brain.  They can also be used to show how brain injuries, such as concussions, affect the brain and what part of the brain controls what. 

custom educational inflatable brain
Inside of the Inflatable Brain with Lights and Removable Educational Cards

Work with IDG’s team to customize your inflatable brain exhibit for your next event.  Add removable educational signs to educate about the brain and the different things that affect it.  These educational signs can be switched out at different events to show the different effects various diseases, conditions, and injuries have on the brain.     

Where to use Your Inflatable Brain Exhibit

There is never a wrong time to educate people about the brain.  Our inflatable brain exhibits have made appearances at tradeshows, 5Ks, awareness events, expos, and even at Disneyland on epilepsy Awareness Day!  These custom inflatable exhibits have also been used on school campuses to teach students how various things affect the brain and how to keep their brain healthy.

Medical inflatable brain
Inflatable Brain Educational Exhibit at Medical Industry Event

With the removable educational signs, you can even utilize your inflatable brain exhibit at different awareness campaigns or other events to educate about different effects on the brain. 

Other Educational Inflatables in the Medical Field

In addition to our inflatable brain exhibits, IDG has made other inflatable exhibits that have been utilized to educate about various organs and diseases.  These include an inflatable colon, inflatable knee, inflatable breasts, and even inflatable lungs. 

inflatable knee educational exhibit
Inflatable Knee Educational Exhibit

All these educational inflatables have been used by the medical field to educate about the human body and spread awareness about different diseases.  They also help remind people how important screenings are in finding cancer. 

IDG has also created educational inflatables to teach about extinct and endangered animals.  Learn more about IDG’s custom educational inflatables here.

Order Today!

According to the United Nations, nearly 1 in 6 of the world’s population suffer from a neurological disorder.  IDG’s inflatable brain exhibits are a great way to help educate about how these neurological disorders affect the brain and how, some of them, can be prevented. 

Inflatable brain exhibits are a fun, immersive, and interactive educational experience.  These educational inflatables can be customized to show different neurological disorders and provide a hands-on, 360-degree view of our body’s most complex organ.

Ready to start designing your inflatable brain exhibit or another educational inflatable?  Email our team at for a free quote!