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Tips & Tricks to Inflatable Cleaning this Spring 3

Tips & Tricks to Inflatable Cleaning this Spring

Inflatable Cleaning this Spring

Spring inflatable cleaning time has arrived! It is that time of year when you need to take your inflatable out of hibernation. Just in time for spring promotions, events and marketing activation’s! Here are a few steps that can help make sure your inflatable is ready for your next upcoming event.

Step one– roll out your inflatable and do a visual inspection (not inflated) to see if the inflatable is free of any tears, holes or damages. DSC01219

Step two– inflate your unit and clean to keep it looking nice and clean.  We recommend cleaning your inflatable with simple green and water solution


Step three check to see that all accessories are with your unit so you can operate your inflatable properly.

If you don’t have time to give your inflatable a checkup plus looking top notch and ready to go, contact us we have a full service cleaning and repairs department ready to service all your inflatables big or small.

IDG 14461

Quick tips!  Protect your inflatables by storing them in a dry environment and out of moisture.  Repair any small tears or holes with the patch kit.  Contact us for any larger damage that may have occurred to the inflatable.  Protect your investment by keeping your inflatable in the best looking shape for years to come!