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Gigantic Inflatable Couches from Inflatable Design Group 2

Gigantic Inflatable Couches from Inflatable Design Group

Sit Back and Relax on Inflatable Couches

Being comfortable, relaxed, and cozy on a huge couch is one of our favorite things especially on cold cloudy days like today in Southern California. One way you could do that is with one of our inflatable couches or chairs. From kids to adults everyone loves these couches.
San Diego Padres Couch

Huge couches are real eye catchers; they are especially perfect for advertising at your next big event. Not to mention who wouldn’t want to sit on a couch that was made for Goliath? These couches are the best photo opportunities! Grab one friend or ten and sit around the couch for an awesome insta photo that will surely wow your followers.



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