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Take a Look Back on Our Awesome Inflatable Custom Characters 3

Take a Look Back on Our Awesome Inflatable Custom Characters

Blast from the Past

For years, Inflatable Design Group has created out of this world inflatables for our customers. With San Diego Comic Con 2017 approaching, we thought we would take a look back on some of the custom inflatable characters we have done. In the past, we worked with San Diego Comic Con and brought to life some amazing characters. This included inflatable characters such as Mordecai and Rigby from the Regular Show on Cartoon Network. Bringing these larger than life characters into reality was quiet the task for us here at IDG but there is nothing we can’t handle. Since then we have created even more inflatable custom characters for other events as well. Such as, the cult favorite Rick and Morty for the Adult Swim Upfront event in New York City. Inflatable characters are extremely versatile and are great for any type of event. 

Inflatable Custom CharacterKeep Yourself Present with Inflatable Custom Characters

Keep your marketing plan up-to-date with IDG. Our inflatable custom characters are an amazing way to create a figure to represent your entire brand. From life-like replicas to hand-drawn creations we have made them all a reality. Come in with your own unique design and we will help you cultivate the perfect inflatable to suit your needs. These custom inflatable characters will bring your next event to a whole new level. Attendees will flock to take Insta-worthy photos with your inflatable and tag your event on every social media platform. This will keep your audience wanting to come back for more, year after year. 

Inflatable Custom CharacterLook to IDG for Inflatable Custom Characters for the Future

Plan for your future with an inflatable character. Big or small we can do it all, plus an eye catching inflatable can elevate your brand and keep your audience intrigued. Our inflatables are super durable too so you can use from for years to come. So think ahead this year and order your custom inflatable character now!