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custom inflatable event entryways

Inflatable Event Entryways

Whether you are hosting a 5k, sporting event, music festival, or private party inflatable event entryways are a great way to provide event-goers with a warm welcome. 

Inflatable Design Group’s team of talented craftsmen can turn virtually any design into a highly-quality custom inflatable entryway.  Inflatable event entryways are easy to set up and, with proper care and cleaning, will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. 

Custom Inflatable Event Entryways

As mentioned before, IDG can turn virtually any design or vision into an amazing custom inflatable entryway for your next event.  We have created inflatable event entryways of all different shapes including inflatable entryways shaped like headphones, a class ring, and even a giant inflatable entryway shaped like a child’s head. 

custom inflatable child head entryway
Custom Inflatable Entryway for Stormiworld: 2nd Birthday (left) and 1st Birthday (right)

The giant custom inflatable entryway shown above was used to welcome guests to the annual event, StormiWorld.  This event is put on each year by reality tv star Kylie Jenner to celebrate her child’s birthday.  The custom inflatable entryway was modeled after Jenner’s daughter Stormi. 

Another fun custom inflatable event entryway IDG has made is the inflatable ‘Kilt Man Arch’ for the Arizona-based craft brewery Four Peaks Brewing Co.  This custom inflatable entryway is 24 feet high and customized so that if people passing through the inflatable arch look up, it says peek-a-boo. 

inflatable kilt man arch for four peaks brewery
Custom Inflatable Kilt Man Arch for Four Peaks Brewery

Visit our website to see more examples of custom inflatable entryways

Inflatable Entryways for Races

In addition to custom inflatable entryways, IDG has made lots of inflatable event entryways for different fun runs, 5ks, and other races.  Just like our other inflatable entryways, these are 100% customizable and we can turn virtually any vision into an inflatable entryway for your race.

inflatable arch custom for zoo Atlanta
Custom Inflatable Arch for Zoo Atlanta Race

Inflatable arches are one of IDG’s most popular race entryways.  Inflatable arches inflate within seconds and pack up into small packages when not in use, making them easy to store until your next race or other events.  Inflatable race arches also have plenty of room for signage which is a perfect place to call out race sponsors and can even be added to sponsorship proposals for non-profit organizations.  Inflatable arches also have the option of adding removable banners.  These banners are perfect for switching out the signage if your race sponsors change or even switching out the signage so you can use the same arch for both your start and finish line.  Ask your sales representative for more information about removable banners.

inflatable bear tunnel for race
Inflatable Bear Tunnel for Race

Inflatable tunnels are also among IDG’s popular race entryways.  IDG can make inflatable tunnels that are round, square, or even shaped like an animal, such as your mascot.  Inflatable tunnels add some fun to races and can be used as the start and finish line or even throughout the race as a fun halfway point for your races to look forward to.  Although slightly bigger than inflatable arches, inflatable tunnels also inflate within seconds and roll up into surprisingly small packages.  Just like all IDG’s other custom inflatables, with proper care and cleaning your inflatable tunnel can last for up to 10 years.  Ask about adding removable banners to your inflatable tunnel when placing your order.

Make Your Event Insta-Worthy

Not only are inflatable event entryways a great way to welcome eventgoers to your event or racers to the finish line, but they also serve as a fun and unique photo opportunity.

People Posing In Front of Bonnaroo Music Festival Inflatable Arch
People Posing In Front of Bonnaroo Music Festival Inflatable Arch

Whether you are snapping a photo-perfect finish or posing in front of an inflatable arch at a music festival, inflatable event entryways provide an insta-worthy backdrop.  Eventgoers are sure to post their pictures on social media, increasing your event’s social media reach and, hopefully, increasing attendance for future events. 

Order Your Inflatable Event Entryway Today!

IDG has partnered with many organizations over the years to create custom inflatable event entryways.  These organizations range from celebrity clients to small non-profits, all with different size budgets. 

IDG’s sales representatives will walk you through the entire custom inflatable ordering process and will work with you to ensure that your custom inflatable event entryway is not only within your given budget but also exceeds your expectations. 

To get started on your custom inflatable entryway and get a free quote email our team at  Please note that our current lead time is around 10 weeks.