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Inflate & Educate for International Women’s Day with Interactive Exhibits 3

Inflate & Educate for International Women’s Day with Interactive Exhibits

Woman Strong

We are proud to celebrate the success of women and the strides we make every day in society and health education through inflatable exhibits. Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and all that it means to be a woman. It is important to know yourself and the health risks that you face as a woman, like breast cancer. We teamed up with Interactive Exhibits to create an inflatable walk through display of the female breast. This inflatable exhibit educates people on breast cancer by teaching them where it can present itself, how to detect it and the difference between a healthy breast and one that cancer. At Inflatable Design Group, we support breast cancer research and were more than happy to contribute to educating women and people everywhere on the health risks that women face every day.

How it works

We create the most user friendly inflatable exhibits. Exhibit-goers can walk completely through a 3-D version of the female breast. Once inside the exhibit all parts of the breast are clearly labeled in correspondence with what that section of the breast is. The inflatable features parts of the breast such as the ducts, lobules, lymph nodes, etc. Using inflatables for education establishes a connection with people because they can see and touch what they are learning about. Walking through the interior gives people a real understanding of how the breast works in an interesting, interactive way.

The Whole Body in Inflatable Exhibits

Our partnership with Interactive Exhibits ventured farther than the female breast. We have created inflatable  exhibits  of the human heart, brain and knee that are interactive. These inflatable exhibits travel the United States to educate people about their bodies and the threats they face. Each exhibit has interactive features with labeled sections, lights to simulate blood flow and examples of common issues within that body part, such as brain tumors. At Inflatable Design Group, we believe in educating people about their bodies. Acknowledging the importance of knowing the health risks your body faces is key to living a healthy life. It is never too late to learn about your body and we made it fun and interactive with inflatables!