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custom inflatable experiences

Inflatable Experiences: Elevate Any Event and Build Lasting Connections

Inflatable experiences are a great way to elevate any event and build lasting connections with consumers and eventgoers.  Work with Inflatable Design Group to design the perfect custom inflatable experience that will get your company, brand, or event noticed!

Inflatable Design Group’s talented team can collaborate with you to bring any vision to life.  Our team of experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives can also work with you to brainstorm various ideas on inflatable experiences that will work for your event or brand!  Below are a few examples of work our team has brought to life in the past. 

Inflatable Haunted Houses & Inflatable Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are having a moment right now and we predict that trend will continue into 2024.  Work with Inflatable Design Group to create a custom inflatable haunted house or inflatable escape room!

From an inflatable haunted house that looked like a giant sleeping monster to an inflatable escape room shaped like an old bus, Inflatable Design Group has worked with various companies and organizations to create inflatable haunted houses and escape rooms in different shapes and sizes.  These inflatable experiences are real show-stoppers and are a great way to attract people to your event or to show off your brand!

VENOMventure Inflatable Escape Room
VENOMventure Inflatable Escape Room

Recently our team worked with the University of California Museum of Paleontology to create a custom inflatable escape room.   This custom inflatable experience not only served as a fun family event but also works to educate children about the various careers in the biomedical sciences.  You can read more about this fun interactive inflatable in this article posted by Berkley News.

custom inflatable haunted houses shaped like a monster and a giant
Custom Inflatable Haunted Houses

As mentioned before, we also have created giant inflatable haunted houses which have been shaped like an injured, sleeping giant or a huge inflatable monster.  These are the perfect attractions at annual pumpkin patches and Halloween festivals.  You can learn more about these custom inflatable experiences on our website.  Remember, our team can make virtually any vision come to life and will gladly work with you to create a custom inflatable experience in any size or shape!

Unique Photo Opportunities with Inflatable Experiences

Another fun category of custom inflatable experiences our team has worked on are custom inflatables used for unique event photo opportunities.  These include something more basic like a circular inflatable photo booth for the Iowa Hawkeyes and something more custom and unique like a giant inflatable skillet for the Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs annual brunch festival.

Bacon, Eggs, & Keg Custom Inflatable Giant Skillet Photo Opp
Bacon, Eggs, & Keg Custom Inflatable Giant Skillet Photo Opp

The giant inflatable skillet was custom-designed and made to show off the brunch festival’s brand.  It was then filled with photo props that resembled various breakfast ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, and eggs.  Event attendees are encouraged to pose with the props and inside the giant inflatable skillet for a fun and creative photo.  They are then given a copy of this photo for them to keep and remember the event!  This is a great way to connect with eventgoers and gives them a fun and memorable event keepsake.

Inflatable Structures Used for Various Experiences

Custom inflatable structures are also a popular category for inflatable experiences.  Our team has made inflatable structures of all sizes and shapes that have been used for different things.  For example, recently we made an inflatable structure for an Aldo pop-up that took place in NYC.  This inflatable had a place for the brand to put in plastic shelves and informational iPads that showed off their shoes and their new Pillow Walk technology.  You can learn more about this custom inflatable experience and how it was designed in our blog.

ALDO Pillow Walk Custom Inflatable Experience
ALDO Pillow Walk Custom Inflatable Experience

We also have created inflatable structures that have been used for television show or movie promotions.  These include a giant inflatable dome shaped like Mooncake, a character from the cartoon Final Space, and a giant inflatable replica of Snoopy’s house that was used at Comic-Con to help promote The Peanuts Movie.  Both could hold multiple people and were used in different ways to promote the premiere of the show or movie.

Snoopy House Custom Inflatable at Comic Con
Snoopy House Custom Inflatable at Comic Con

Why Inflatable Experiences Are Successful

Inflatable experiences are a great way to build lasting connections with your consumers.  This is because they are often very unique and give your consumers or eventgoers a memorable experience that they may have never experienced before!

Inflatable experiences can be used to promote products or tv shows.  They can also be used to elevate your event or to educate people about diseases and other health conditions.  You can check out more of our custom inflatable experiences on our website to get ideas on how your brand can utilize these custom inflatables to achieve your company’s goals.

Order Today!

As mentioned before, Inflatable Design Group can make virtually any inflatable vision come to life!  We love collaborating with our clients and working on new inflatable concepts.  Our team uses the highest quality materials available in the industry to bring all our inflatables to life which means that your inflatable is sure to last!

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