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inflatable food and drink products

Make Mouths Water with Inflatable Food and Drink Products

Make Mouths Water with Inflatable Food and Drink Products

Make everyone’s stomach growl with inflatable food and drink products.  From 5 feet to 25 feet tall, Inflatable Design Group can replicate your product to any size!  Stand out with a custom inflatable of your food or drink product. 

Outdoor Advertising with Inflatable Food and Drink Products

You survived COVID, now let people know you are still in business. Inflatable food and drink products made by IDG are a great way to advertise your brand or products and let people know you are open! 

Inflatable food and drink wendy's meal
Custom Inflatable Food and Drink for Wendy’s

IDG has made custom inflatable food and drink products for multiple fast-food restaurants including Wendy’s.  They are durable enough to be displayed outdoors.  Mouths will water and people driving by will be forced to stop and order a hamburger and fries!   

Advertise with enthusiasm and inflate your custom inflatable product outside your restaurant or brewery, on your roof, or anywhere!  Larger-than-life custom inflatable food and drink products are sure to catch people’s attention and make their stomachs growl.  Business will skyrocket as hungry and thirsty customers come to check out your restaurant, shop, or brewery.

Wild Rag Vodka Custom Inflatable Food and Drink Product for Marketing
Custom Vodka Bottle Inflatable for Wild Rag

Inflatable Food and Drink Products Make Your Booth Stand Out

Inflatable food and drink products are also a great addition to booths at festivals, trade shows, and other events.  Trade shows and festivals often have hundreds of booths.  Stand out and draw people to your booth with a giant inflatable product.  People may even take pictures with your giant inflatable replicas and post them to social media, giving you free brand exposure. 

IDG’s team pays extra attention to detail and can replicate your food or drink product perfectly.  Show off your products detail in a larger-than-life inflatable food and drink product replica

Custom inflatable food and drink products with detail
Inflatable Food and Drink Product Examples

Inflatable product replicas are perfect for events because they are easy to set up, store, and transport.  Inflatables roll up small and do not take up much space, making them easy to store when not in use.  They are also easy to transport since they take up limited space and are lighter than traditional materials used in product replicas.  Inflatable product replicas are also a great return on investment since you can use them year after year, again and again!

Welcome Summer

Summer is here and that means warm weather, more time outside, and state fairs.  Show off your ice-cold beer or refreshing ice cream with a custom inflatable product replica made by IDG. 

Ice cream and beer inflatable product replicas
Inflatable Product Replicas of Freddy’s Frozen Custard and a Beer Can

Giant inflatable beer cans and ice cream replicas are a sure way to entice people to visit your shop, especially on a hot day.  Bring in the masses at your local fair with a giant inflatable product.  When it’s 90 degrees out, a giant inflatable ice cream is sure to increase business.

Small Inflatable Products

Doing a product sampling in a grocery store and want something smaller?  Inflatable Design Group makes small, sealed inflatable product replicas, called point-of-purchase units, too!  These are perfect for product samplings and displays in stores!  These sealed inflatable units are a great way to promote your products at the critical point of purchase.  They are big enough to still make a huge impact but do not need a blower since they are sealed. 

custom inflatable point of purchase units
Inflatable Point-of-Purchase Units

Sealed point-of-purchase units are also a great giveaway at events such as trade shows!  Send an inflatable product replica home with your consumer to create a lasting impression of your brand or product. 

Other Inflatable Replicas

Inflatable food and drink products are not the only product replicas we make at IDG.  From a giant shampoo bottle to cars, our innovative team can turn any product into an inflatable replica!     SEMA, the premier trade show in the automotive equipment industry, has over 2,000 exhibiting companies every year with over 161,000 people in attendance (SEMA). How does Mothers Car Care stand out at a giant trade show like that?  With custom inflatable product replicas designed by IDG of course!  By displaying larger-than-life inflatable product replicas on top of their SEMA booth every year, Mothers attracts attention to their brand and brings in new consumers. 

mothers custom inflatable product replicas
Mother’s Car Care Inflatable Product Replicas at SEMA

Design your Inflatable Product Replica

Inflatable product replicas are the perfect addition to any marketing strategy, no matter the budget.  With over 20 years of experience, our team is the best in the industry and can accurately replicate any product into a giant, show-stopping inflatable replica. 

custom inflatable food and drink products
Examples of Inflatable Food and Drink Products

Display your giant product replica in front of your business or at an event and bring in the customers.  Or customize a sealed point-of-purchase inflatable unit for store product tastings and giveaways.  With inflatable product replicas, you can’t go wrong! 

Contact our team at or get a quote to get started on your inflatable product replica now!

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