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Hungry? Try Giant Inflatable Food Promotion from IDG

Mouth Watering Inflatable Food

Food Products

Using a giant inflatable food to promote products seems to be fairly common these days.  Many restaurants have large versions of their food hoisted on top of their businesses or tied down out front.  Why would anyone want to use a giant inflatable for food promotion, anyway?  Isn’t food so desirable that you don’t need to convince people they should eat?  Well, the fact of the matter is that there are many different food services out there all competing for a place in your stomach.  Getting a giant inflatable to promote your food may be what gives you an advertising edge!


Giant inflatable food comes in many different varieties. From giant inflatable hamburgers to frozen yogurt covered with toppings! Giant food can tempt just about anyone!  Large advertising inflatables that can be seen from afar can draw crowds, advertise a new product, point to a new location and so much more!

inflatable food

There are many ways to use giant inflatable food for promotion.  Whatever you are going to do it for, make sure you find quality inflatables.  When you find out what you want, you can check out Inflatable Design Group to see if we can help you.  Tis the season to look for yummy treats and delicious foods!  We can talk about the Fitness inflatables or large inflatable treadmills in the New Year!