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Inflatable Games? Challenge Accepted. 5

Inflatable Games? Challenge Accepted.

Nothing gets people excited quite like some healthy competition. Make your next event exciting with an interactive inflatable game! Our inflatables are customizable and can be as large and complex as you want. From our challenging obstacle courses to our towering rock walls, going head-to-head on these inflatable games will highlight your party! In addition, customizing your inflatable gives you the opportunity to make the inflatable uniquely yours. It will be memorable to all who participate! IDG has satisfied many competitive event-goers looking for some healthy competition, so contact us now to bring excitement to your event!

The Ultimate Challenge: An Entirely Inflatable Obstacle Course

A challenge for all ages, IDG can create a course full of tunnels, slides, climbing walls, and much more! We’re able to customize according to your imagination, so your challenges can be as creative as you want. Our high quality obstacle course will remain sturdy throughout the event! Therefore, kids and adults will be safe as they run around this inflatable game. Check out some of our awesome obstacle courses here! Hours of fun are in store, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to bring an inflatable obstacle course to your next event!

Go Head-to-Head With An Inflatable Bungee Run

Two people, side by side, racing to a finish line. The challenge is that they’re both attached to the inflatable wall behind them and reaching that finish line gets harder the closer they get. So, the individual challenge with the one-on-one challenge makes an inflatable bungee run a must have for your event! People will bring their friends and line up to try to complete this challenge.

Inflatable Rock Walls Will Have You Climbing Sky High!

Test your limits with an Inflatable Rock Wall! Inflatable Design Group can provide your event with a challenge that towers over the competition. Individual or head-to-head, simple or complex, this rock wall can be what you want it to be! Our inflatable games are safe, customizable, and fun for all ages. Contact IDG today for an inflatable rock wall that will challenge your event goers and have them jumping back in line again and again!