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Custom Inflatables

EEEEKKK Inflatable Giant Creature BREATHING at IDG!!

EEEEKK! Inflatable GIANT Creature

A green GIANT inflatable creature has taken over the parking lot of Inflatable Design Group. This ferocious and intimidating creature has stopped traffic as people are trying to take a look at what is going on here at IDG.  The 150’ L creature has a new feature as his mouth slowly opens and closes breathing new life into this terrific looking inflatable. Bringing this creature to life was memorable to say the least. Our team worked hard on making the best inflatable possible. So, let our team work hard on an inflatable for you!

In addition to its incredible size, this giant creature has a maze throughout his body. Winding walled passageways and body parts make this inflatable an interactive and entertaining one of a kind experience. Create your own giant creature at Inflatable Design Group! Our team is ready to take your imagination to the next level. So, call now to start your inflatable journey!