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the creature custom inflatable haunted house maze

The Creature – a Custom Inflatable Haunted House

Ever wondered what it’s like to enter the body of a huge creature or giant?  Well, now you can experience it for yourself with a giant custom inflatable haunted house designed by IDG!

The Creature has deceiving looks… it was a very different and unique experience… it was set up very well and the walk-through was longer than I expected.”

Behind The Thrills, Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds Unleashes terror on West Palm Beach

The Creature

At over 25 feet high, 35 feet wide, and 150 feet long The Creature giant custom inflatable is hard to miss.  Not only is this custom inflatable fun to look at but those who dare can wander into The Creature’s mouth for a fun and thrilling haunted maze! 

The Creature giant custom inflatable haunted house
Two versions of The Creature inflatable haunted house in action

Guests will have a great time entering The Creature’s mouth, feeling their way through the dark maze inside The Creature’s body, and exiting through the tail.  It will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes for guests to weave their way out of the maze.  This custom inflatable provides guests with an entertaining, one-of-a-kind, spooky experience that is sure to have them coming back year after year.

Although we walked through during the dayling, it was very dark inside and the scare actors were on point and ready to scare. My favorite part was the fact that the monster farts you out… literally!

Behind The Thrills, Fright Nights at the South Floriday Fairgrounds unleashes Terror on West Palm Beach

The Creature is manufactured by Inflatable Design Group using high-quality, fire-retardant vinyl fabric.  There are multiple emergency exits throughout the maze in case of an emergency.  The inflatable haunted house is made up of 6 sections that Velcro together to create one giant inflatable maze.  With proper care, the inflatable haunted house will last anywhere between 5 and 10 years.  For an additional fee, elements such as lasers and smoke machines can be added to enhance the custom inflatable haunted house.

the creature custom inflatable maze
More pictures of The Creature custom inflatable

Increase Event Attendance with an Inflatable Haunted House

The Creature custom inflatable haunted house has made appearances at many events including West Palm Beach’s Fright Nights, the 2002 World’s Carnival in Hong Kong, and Forest View Farms’ Haunted Hayrides Event.

The Creature in action at the 2002 World’s Carnival and Forest View Farms

The above YouTube video spotlights The Creature at the World’s Carnival and Forest View Farm’s Haunted Hayride.  Jim Larson, from Forest View Farms, says that The Creature increased his attendance by 20% and his income revenue increased more than that.

The pure size of it is an awesome billboard, especially if you can put it close to a road or… high-traffic area

Jim larson, Forest View Farms, YouTube Video

Customize Your Inflatable Haunted House

The Creature is not the only inflatable haunted house IDG has created.  IDG has also created inflatable haunted houses the look like a giant and even a dinosaur.

inflatable haunted houses the creature, the giant, dinosaur
The Creature (top), The Giant (middle), and Dinosaur (bottom)

As seen in the YouTube video, The Giant inflatable haunted house is similar to The Creature inflatable.  Guests will enter The Giant through a head wound and weave their way through inflatable obstacles and organs inside the body.  This custom inflatable maze provides guests with a fun, interactive experience that they are sure to remember and tell their friends about.  It is a great addition to pumpkin patches, state fairs, and any other events. 

The Giant custom inflatable maze
Head of The Giant custom inflatable haunted house

The sky is the limit when you work with IDG.  Our talented and experienced team can create a show-stopping custom inflatable from virtually any shape or design.  Contact our team today at to get started.

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