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Inflatable Helmets from Inflatable Design Group on Game Day 1

Inflatable Helmets from Inflatable Design Group on Game Day

Inflatable Helmets

Inflatable Helmets are a great way to get the crowd on their feet! All of our Inflatable Design Group football helmets are custom-designed according to your team colors, logos and specifications. We work with each school’s concepts and ideas to create something amazing. If you are in the market for an inflatable helmet then look no further than Inflatable Design Group. So, start the process to having the best looking field in the league!


As you can see from all the images on our web site, we work with some of the greatest teams around! We have several simple steps that can help us get started on designing your inflatable helmet. Send us your team colors, logos or mascot and we can get to work for you with a custom design for your team. Our helmets range from 15’ or 20’ tall giant inflatable! So, show school pride on game day with a unique inflatable helmet for your school.


If you post your photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter tag us @idginflatables  or use #idginflatables and we will repost it! We are on all social media. So, follow us to keep up to date with all our awesome things happening here at Inflatable Design Group.