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The Key to Success: Inflatable Marketing Products 1

The Key to Success: Inflatable Marketing Products

The Bigger the Better!

Unique events, like Comic Con, are the golden opportunity to draw more attention to the event by having custom inflatable marketing products. Comic Con is making its return to San Diego this summer and thousands of people will flow into the city to experience the excitement.  Therefore, Events, grand openings, product branding, etc are just a few of the thousands of opportunities to take your business to the next level with custom inflatables. At Inflatable Design Group we can turn virtually anything into an inflatable; whether it is a product replica, company logo, art feature, etc.

Inflatable Kung FU Panda

Spotlight on the Inflatable Marketing Products 

We have an extensive track record for providing top quality custom inflatable marketing products for a massive assortment of events. We have done multiple character replicas for movie premieres and events worldwide. As a result, our most recent characters for premieres have been the newest Batman Lego replica for the Lego Batman movie and a giant inflatable Kung Fu Panda replica. Inflatable character replicas for movie premieres bring on screen characters to life off screen! So, bring the fun to your next premiere with inflatable character replicas straight out of your film! Back in 2013 we had the pleasure of working with Cartoon Network to create replicas of characters from Regular Show to be featured at Comic Con! So, imagine our excitement as the return of Comic Con gets closer!

Anywhere, Any Place & Any Size

Use inflatable marketing products for events of any size! So, your business can draw in attention with the use of a custom inflatable. Our top quality inflatables are designed to last so, your business can shine throughout the years with its’ custom inflatable! We can recreate your product and bring it to life as an inflatable. So, defy the odds and make your logo a real life creation or bring a whole new creation to life. Place your custom inflatable marketing products on roofs so, they can be seen for miles! Create them on a smaller scale to be used inside your business! Finally, use your imagination and think of the best inflatable for your business with the help of Inflatable Design Group. Find your key to success with a custom inflatable so, your next event will top the charts!