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Stay Cool with an Inflatable Misting Station from IDG! 1

Stay Cool with an Inflatable Misting Station from IDG!

Inflatable Misting Station for the Summer 

Beat the heat this summer at any event with an inflatable misting station. We can’t hide from the fact that summer is a month away and let’s be honest it’s going to be a hot one. With our home base being in Southern California we are experts on trying to escape the heat while exploring the city.The heat is something that comes with lively activities we get to do in the summertime like fairs, festivals, 5Ks, marathons, baseball games, and many more large events that happen during the summer. 

Durham bulls Misting System

We found that having misting stations at a large event such as the ones that go hand in hand with summer really benefit from having a misting station. These stations give attendees relief or comfort knowing they can escape from the heat and any given moment.

Sports at the Beach Misting System

These stations come in a variety of ways. Including giant entryways, tents, money machines, and giant logo inflatable’s for your organization.

WV Power Misting Station

We are very creative and inventive here at Inflatable Design Group. So, if you have thought of something else as being your base for your inflatable misting station let us know! Our team will see what they can invent specifically for you!

Misting System