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Stay Cool this summer with Inflatable Misting Stations 2

Stay Cool this summer with Inflatable Misting Stations

Feeling Hot Hot Hot?

Being a company based in San Diego, we know all too well the treacherous heat that accompanies summer. There is no better way to beat the heat than with inflatable misting stations! Outdoor events in the summer can be so much more enjoyable by keeping your guests cool. Not only will they provide relief from the heat, but they are a perfect way to utilize unique inflatable advertising. Each inflatable misting station can be personalized for your event with your company logo, mascot, etc!

Beat the Summer Sun with Inflatable Misting Stations

Inflatable misting stations can fit perfectly into any event this summer! Marathon and 5k runners can relax after the finish line underneath refreshing, cold mist. Fans at sporting events like baseball games can enjoy the 7th inning stretch with your inflatable misting station. Inflatable misting stations are great additions to festivals, fairs, concerts and so many more summer events! Whether its seventy degrees or one hundred and ten, inflatable misting stations are ideal for refreshing additions to your event.

Next Level Events!

The door is open for your imagination with inflatable misting stations! They can come in multiple different ways such as money machines, giant entryways and tents! With customizable colors and logos, your company or event could not be better represented. The beauty of our inflatable misting stations is that it only takes minutes to inflate these giant spectacles. Inflatable misting stations are just as easy to take down which means you can use them for multiple events with no hassle at all!


Need More Shade? No Problem!

The perfect addition to your event next to you r inflatable misting station is a customized vendor tent! Offer guests a shaded experience next to the inflatable misting station with vendor tents that are perfect for passing out water, bags or even doubling as information booths. The possibilities are endless this summer with the help of Inflatable Design Group.