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IDG's HOW TO: Inflatable Money Machines Set Up and Take Down

IDG’s HOW TO: Inflatable Money Machines Set Up and Take Down

HOW TO: Inflatable Money Machines

Interactive excitement with Inflatable Cash Cubes or Inflatable Money Machines. Cash Cubes are a fun way to draw the crowd around a great looking inflatable. Money Machine/ Cash Cube can be branded with your company logo, name, sponsor, or pictures! Participants enter in the cash cube for coupons, prizes, even money. A great way to promote you company on social media as everyone wants their try to grab coupons or cash prizes offered…. Line up for fun and excitement with an interactive money machine from Inflatable Design Group

Set Up:

  1. Layout inflatable
  2. Turn on small green fan blower
  3. Secure all four tethers with D ring sand bags (sold separately)
  4. Place play money inside inflatable money machine
  5. Enter participant
  6. Once participant and play money are inside the money machine turn on larger fan blower
  7. Now watch to see how much money you can catch

Take Down:

  1. Turn off larger fan blower
  2. Remove play money
  3. Untie all four sand bags
  4. Turnoff small fan blower
  5. Place four tethers on top of inflatable
  6. Let inflatable fall straight down
  7. Open zippers to release air
  8. Remove as much air as possible
  9. Fold inflatable into thirds
  10. Tightly roll inflatable
  11. To secure inflatable tie with tether