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Say #HappyBirthdayFreddy with an Inflatable Product Replica 2

Say #HappyBirthdayFreddy with an Inflatable Product Replica

Celebrate Any Occasion with an Inflatable Product Replica

Happy Birthday to the King of Custard! Here at IDG, we are celebrating the birthday of a very special client, Mr. Freddy Simon with an inflatable product replica. He is the co-founder and namesake of the very popular Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers! Make your business as well-known as Freddy’s with an inflatable product replica. Give your star product the attention it deserves with an inflatable. Imagine a towering burger or a big bowl of noodles, making customer’s mouths water. People passing your business won’t be able to ignore the incredible inflatable product replica right next to your doorstep. From the sidewalk to the freeway, everyone will see what exactly you have to offer.  

inflatable product replica

Excite Everyone with Larger than Life Inflatables

Go big or go home with an inflatable that is perfect for every celebration. An inflatable product replica is an eye-catching method to stay visible 24/7. You can take your celebrations just about anywhere! Our inflatables are super versatile and set up is fool-proof. Place your inflatable product replica anywhere you need. Whether it is in front of your business or on the roof, your inflatable will increase your overall visibility. With proper care and inflation, your inflatable will last you for a long time to come. 

Frozen or Not, Advertise with Inflatable Design Group!

Our inflatables are not exclusive to icy treats! Although Freddy’s might be our favorite, these replicas can work for just about anyone. From food to travel websites, these product replicas are the best way to market your company. In fact, everyone will want to stop by your business! Get ready to celebrate with Inflatable Design Group. Want more information? Send us an email to! Let IDG make your inflatable dreams a reality.