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inflatable product

Moving from Vision to Reality with an Inflatable Product

Vision to Reality

How do you get started building inflatable products is a question we get asked a lot and we would like to address it in this blog. So, how do I take my idea and turn it into inflatable reality?

As a custom inflatable manufacturer we don’t have inflatables in stock or sitting on the shelves ready to go because we hand craft each and every design that comes into our facility. Unlike other assembly line manufacturing companies, each inflatable product we make is unique in shape, size, color and detail.
Here is a snapshot of the on how we can create your next custom inflatable design. Discover the behind the scenes magic to creating an inflatable. 



Step 1 – First, we like to begin this process by taking your idea which can be a logo, photograph, or product and sketch a concept or rendering. The rendering is the starting point to show colors, designs, size and any specific details.




Step 2- We take the approved rendering and create a 3-D computer model. Once the model is approved we begin the patterning and full design.




Step 3- During the design stage, our designer builds the patterns to cut on our cutting table. Then, puts together the sewing instructions.




Step 4- Once the pieces are cut the project moves onto our sewing tables to be stitched together.

(this process still amazes me as hundreds of pieces can be sewn together to make something so cool!)




Step 5- Depending on the project the unit can either be airbrushed or have digitally printed artwork.




Final and Step 6- The inflatable is inflated and checked off and moved outside for final photographs!



YOUR Inflatable Product

Inflatable Reality has come a long way and is truly a sight to see. Custom inflatables come in all shapes and sizes with varied details and specifications. The expert craftsmanship and detail goes into every job and ends with an inflatable work of art! Our team is excited to work with you on your inflatable creation.