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Getting Ready for the Big Race! 1

Getting Ready for the Big Race with Inflatable Products!

Part Two

We are continuing our series on using giant inflatables at marathons and other types of races and events.  If you are planning a marathon or race, incorporating custom inflatables into your planning strategy can make your event more memorable and exciting for participants. We have been highlighting the different types of inflatable products commonly used at marathons and racing events. Our previous article covered inflatable archways/inflatable entranceways, branded custom inflatables and inflatable mascots/inflatable characters.  Today, we will look at three more giant inflatables to consider.

Inflatable Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas are a great way to show off your sponsors and offer them a unique opportunity to get noticed!  Some of our most popular inflatable product replicas include inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, and inflatable food.

Inflatable Stage Props

If your event features a stage, then inflatable stage props can be used to add excitement. We’ve created inflatable stage props for some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities and will develop something spectacular for your event!

Inflatable Misting Stations

Inflatable misting stations provide a fun way to let participants and spectators keep cool.  They can be branded either to your event or with the logo and colors of a key sponsor.  Inflatable misting stations are a must during summer months and in areas where it is warm throughout the year.

Inflatable Design Group (IDG) is dedicated to identifying and creating the most innovative and eye-catching custom inflatable products to help make your event fun and memorable.  Our team of expert inflatable promotional design professionals have developed thousands of giant inflatables for marathons, races and other events. If you want to make an impression, we can help. Give your friends at IDG a call today!