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Custom Inflatables

Featured Custom Inflatables: Inflatable Products for Sports Events

Our next series of articles will highlight some of our favorite custom inflatables – inflatable products for sports events!  Inflatable Design Group (IDG) has partnered with high school, college, amateur and professional sports teams to design exciting and engaging custom inflatables for their live events.  This article will take a closer look at custom inflatable mascots, custom inflatable logos and custom inflatable sports equipment.

Custom Inflatable Mascots

Custom inflatable mascots offer a fun and engaging way to get crowds excited. People get pumped when they see inflatable mascots in the parking lot or as they enter the stadium. Some sports teams even fly their inflatable mascots high above the stadium so they can be seen from afar. Our inflatable mascots can include a removable banner message that can be customized for each game or special event.

Custom Inflatable Logos

Inflatable logos are one of our most popular custom inflatables.  Fans love to see larger than life renditions of their favorite team logo. Inflatable logos are also among the most photographed of all our custom inflatable products.

Custom Inflatable Sports Equipment

Football helmets, basketballs, golf clubs, hockey sticks, basketball hoops – you name it we can convert it into a custom inflatable!  These types of inflatable products are especially popular with children and parents who often find them to be great photo ops.

Our next article in this series will discuss custom inflatable entranceways, custom inflatable products and custom inflatable slides.

When it comes to custom inflatables, your friends at IDG have you covered.  Our creative team has extensive experience working with sports teams and major brands throughout the country. Let us help you create eye-catching and engaging custom inflatables for your next event.  Give us a call to learn more today!