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Increase revenue in 2017 with Inflatable Promotional Products 1

Increase revenue in 2017 with Inflatable Promotional Products

New Year, New Marketing! 

Inflatable promotional products can increase your revenue for 2017!  Many companies are busy looking over the budgets from 2016 and preparing to launch in the 2017 year with new assets and looking for that return on investment.  Here at Inflatable Design Group we believe that inflatable promotional products can offer a great return. So, here is why!


Inflatable Promotional Products

Inflatable promotional products can be seen and can be used at any event, making them a versatile marketing item. So, inflatables are the perfect addition to any event or business.

In addition to their versatility, custom inflatables can stand the test of time! As opposed to running a print advertisement in a newspaper or print magazine the inflatable can be seen and used for years.

Inflatable School entryways

Social media drives business this day and age and a GIANT inflatable of your product or an interactive inflatable game can be used for photo opportunities. Post your inflatable photos on FB, or promote in every day social media outlets! So, everyone wants to see their picture and with your inflatable in the background, this keeps your brand front and center!

Looking for something to fit your budget? We can work with you to fit your budget! So, inflatables are affordable!

When deciding on where to spend your money in 2017, choose Inflatable Design Group. We will help promote your product, brand, school, team and much more! So, inflate your message in 2017.