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Ready, Set, Rock n Roll with Custom Inflatable Props 1

Inflatable Scenery, Stage Sets & Props for this years concert season!

Take the Scenic Route with Inflatable Scenery 

Your first concert is a memory you will never forget and inflatable scenery only makes it more memorable. The roar of the music, seeing the artist walk out on stage and the fans screaming…it will all last a lifetime! Nothing makes a stage stand out more than an inflatable stage set and inflatable scenery. Inflatable scenery and props gives the crowd something spectacular to look at during the show. Not only is it a jaw dropping addition, but it looks incredible in photos, videos, etc. From towering sets to interactive props, using inflatable scenery at your show or festival will bring your stage to life.

Put your trust in the Pros

We have worked on inflatable stage sets and props for artists like Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, Thompson Square, plus many more and festivals such as Life in Color! Each set is unique and can be designed to fit any tour or festival theme! We love collaborating with artists to turn their vision into reality. Using inflatable stage sets and props is outside of the box and will create the most memorable show. Our inflatables can be deflated and stored in small boxes, trunks, etc making them easier to transport to different venues.

Around the world and back!

From local shows to world tours, we know how hectic touring can be. At Inflatable Design Group, we can ship your finished inflatable anywhere in the world so; it can come right to you! We aim to make the process of getting your custom inflatable as easy as possible. Inflatable scenery can be used for indoor or outdoor shows and can last for the entire tour! One of our favorite parts of creating awesome inflatable scenery is getting to see it in action on stage. The crowd and performer reactions never fail to bring smiles to our faces because inflatable stage sets and props are always a hit!