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5 ways to promote your business or product with an INFLATABLE SNOW GLOBE 6

5 ways to promote your business or product with an INFLATABLE SNOW GLOBE

The inflatable snow globe is a great way to enhance any holiday happening! Find your holiday excitement with a larger than life inflatable snow globe to celebrate the season. 

Here are some of the FIVE COOLEST ways to attract attention to your business or product with inflatable snow globes!

  • 1. Display Your Products Inside: The snow globe can advertise any product inside making the snow globe a great way to deliver the holiday message and advertise your latest product or design. Have your product be the focal point INSIDE the snow globe where it is safe and secure and at the same advertising it with a holiday message.
Honda Bike inside the Inflatable Snow Globe
  • 2. Inflatable Product INSIDE the Inflatable Snow Globe: Go completely 3-D CRAZY and make a replica of your product an INFLATABLE inside the INFLATABLE SNOW GLOBE…. Show off your cutest mascot or design by showcasing it inside the globe itself! 
examples of inflatable snow globes
  • 3. Design your custom Backdrop: Our inflatable snow globes have a giant customizable printed backdrop to show off a holiday background or any background suited for your needs! 
  • 4. Place Santa Inside a Winter Wonderland: A great and safe way to protect SANTA this year inside a snow globe! Kids can have their opportunity to take a photo on the outside as SANTA stays safe and rested inside the snow globe as he waves and takes pictures with the people passing by.
santa inside an inflatable snow globe
  • 5. Provide a Perfect, Snowy Photo Opportunity: An inflatable snow globe shows off the good ol’ fashioned image of the holiday season and a fantastic way for a stand-alone photo opportunity or just to promote goodwill and tidings to all.
Inflatable Snow globe for advertising

Snow globes come in a variety of different sizes and can be inflated within minutes making it easy to transport and ship.

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