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Inflatable Snow Globe to Bring the Blizzard to the Holiday Season 2

Inflatable Snow Globe to Bring the Blizzard to the Holiday Season

inflatable snow globe

Sleigh Bells Will Ring for Your New Inflatable Snow Globe

November is here! This means the holiday season is right around the corner. Put on your snow boots and get ready to bring that holiday cheer with an inflatable snow globe! Everyone will love to see that winter has come early with your festive globe. Make your event the hit of tinsel town with Inflatable Design Group. Kids, families, and friends will love to see their favorite holiday backgrounds in your inflatable snow globe. Whether it’s Frosty the Snowman or Santa’s workshop, we can create the background that will match perfectly with your new globe

inflatable snow globe

Every Year is a White Christmas with IDG

Bring snow fall all year long with Inflatable Design Group! Your inflatable snow globe is the number one place for picture perfect photo ops! Lines will be out the door with families and friends waiting to get their photo in the snow globe! This is also the perfect place to advertise your company, brand or product! Take a look at this awesome snow globe we did with Bacardi. It was the perfect way to spread the holiday spirit and show everyone what Bacardi as all about! So amp up your marketing game for the holidays with us.

Inflatable Snow Globes are Great to Stay Festive this Holiday Season

So set yourself up for success this coming holiday season! Right now isn’t too late for you to start stocking up on those fun, festive decorations. Our inflatable snow globes will be a hit! And so will all of the other holiday inflatables that we have to offer. In fact, check out last weeks blog post to learn more about some of the other seasonal inflatables that we have made in the past. To learn more about getting started on your own customized creation, send us an email at!