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inflatable snow globes and money machines allow guests to get in on the fun

Inflatable Snow Globes and Money Machines Allow Guests to Get in on the Fun

Looking for a fun new way to promote your business?  Custom inflatable snow globes and money machines are a great way to allow guests to interact and get in on the fun! 

Customize an Inflatable Snow Globe

Let the snow fall all year long with a custom inflatable snow globe.  Inflatable snow globes are fun for the whole family.  Event attendees can enter inside the snow globe for the perfect photo opportunity and experience their own winter wonderland no matter the season.

custom inflatable snow globe for family Christmas picture
Family Photo Inside Custom Inflatable Snow Globe

Work with the IDG team to customize your inflatable snow globe.  We can match your company colors and digitally print your logo or company name directly onto the base of the inflatable snow globe.  You can also customize the snow globe backdrop to promote your brand or add a fun background to guest’s photos.

We offer a variety of different sizes for inflatable snow globes.  Check out some examples of our past work on our website

Promote Your Products with Inflatable Snow Globes

Inflatable snow globes are a great way to promote your business.  In addition to displaying your company logo on the snow globe, you can also use your custom snow globe to show off your products. 

custom inflatable snow globes
Custom Inflatable Snow Globes with Inflatable Product Replica (left) and Actual Product (right)

Display your actual product inside the snow globe or get crazy and display an inflatable product replica inside the inflatable snow globe!  Either way, your product will stand out and catch people’s attention, bringing awareness to your brand and product. 

Give a Whirlwind of Fun with Inflatable Money Machines

Another fun and unique way to promote your business is with a custom inflatable money machine! 

Inflatable money machines are fun for people of all ages, whether they are participating or just watching!  Participants will enter inside the money machine through a zipper and try their luck at grabbing as much money, coupons, or prizes as they can! 

Custom Inflatable Money Machine in action
Cash Grabbing Fun with Inflatable Money Machines

Inflatable money machines are easy to set up, use, and transport!  Watch our detailed, step-by-step video explaining how to operate an inflatable money machine here.

Custsomize an Inflatable Money Machine

Work with the IDG team to customize your own inflatable money machine!  Just like inflatable snow globes, we can match any company colors and digitally print your company logo directly onto your custom inflatable money machine.

custom inflatable money machine with company logo
Custom Inflatable Money Machine with Company Logo


Inflatable money machines are completely customizable when you work with IDG’s innovative team.  We can make inflatable money machines in any shape or size!  Standard inflatable money machines tend to be circular, cubed, or shaped like a money vault however, when you work with IDG we can turn anything into a custom inflatable money machine!  Check out some examples of standard inflatable money machines and custom-shaped inflatable money machines in the pictures below and on our website

inflatable money machines
Circular Money Machine (far left), Cube Money Machine (left-middle), Vault Money Machine (right-middle), and Custom Shaped Money Machine (far right)

Inflatable money machines add lots of fun to any event!  Whether you are hosting a grand opening for your business or running a company booth at a trade show, inflatable money machines are sure to bring attention and excitement! 

Get in on the Fun Today!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get in on the fun and start customizing your own inflatable snow globe or inflatable money machine today!  Contact us at to get a quote and get started.