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IDG's How to Inflatable Sports Games: Fast Pitch

IDG’s How to Inflatable Sports Games: Fast Pitch

Inflatable Sports Games: Fast Pitch Inflation

Welcome back to our fourth week of our How To fall blog series, this week we will be giving instruction on how to inflate and set up our Inflatable Sports Games: Fast Pitch game. Fast Pitch is an inflatable interactive baseball game perfect for testing your pitching skills. Inflatable interactive games like, Fast Pitch are great for any fan zones, family fun zones, and so much more. Setting up and the take down are easy and quick. Refer to our video at the bottom of this post for a visual instruction.


Set up:

  1. Roll out inflatable
  2. Unfold
  3. Locate fan tunnel
  4. Secure tunnel to fan blower with tethers
  5. Turn fan blower on
  6. Locate four tethers at each corner of the inflatable
  7. Use these tethers to secure sandbags, to prevent inflatable from moving



Take Down:

  1. Untie all tethers from sandbags
  2. Turnoff fan blower
  3. Release tethers/ fan tunnel from blower
  4. Open all zippers to release air from inflatable (total of four zippers)
  5. Once all of the air has been released from inflatable close all the zippers
  6. Straighten & fold inflatable
  7. Begin to tightly roll
  8. Once rolled secure with tethers
  9. Store dry