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HOW TO Series: Set up and Take down of an Inflatable Tunnel 7

HOW TO Series: Set up and Take down of an Inflatable Tunnel

Welcome to our brand new Fall blog series.

School is back and it’s the season for learning. We are eager to help, teach, and explain to our readers how to inflate tunnels, arches, bounce houses, etc. In the past blog posts we’ve shown and described how amazing, versatile, and easy it is to use our custom inflatables. Now over the next couple of weeks we will be explaining HOW TO inflate, deflate, and care for your custom inflatable. We know it may be intimidating receiving tunnel as long as 50 ft, not to worry we are here to help explain the process of using a custom inflatable tunnel. For a visual aid please refer to our video located at the bottom of the page or our YouTube Channel.

So, our visual aid shows step by step how our professionals setup and take down an inflatable tunnel. As a result, you will become a pro in the set up and take down of your inflatable!

Inflatable Tunnel Inflation 

Set Up:

  1. Each inflatable is sent folded and ready to be used. To begin the setup process take your inflatable out of bag. Untie the tethers and save them because you will need them later to secure your inflatable at the end.
  2. Unroll your inflatable tunnel and open inflatable so it is laid out on the floor ready to be blown up.
  3. Double check to make sure all zippers have been properly closed there are an average of 4 to 6 zippers on each tunnel. It is very important to close all zippers because your tunnel will not inflate properly if one is left open.
  4. Locate fan tunnel to connect fan blower. Once located secure fan tunnel to the blower with the Velcro.
  5. On the fan blower turn red knob to turn air on.
  6. It takes about 2-4 minutes for inflation to complete.
  7. Locate the tethers and secure with stakes to prevent tunnel from moving.
  8. Finally, your tunnel is now ready to be used.

Take Down:

  1. On the fan blower turn red knob to turn off air and detach blower from the fan tunnel.
  2. Open all zippers to release air trapped in your inflatable
  3. Fold inflatable into thirds and then in thirds again. You want as much air as possible to be released from inflatable
  4. Open/ layout your inflatable again and close all zippers. Closing each zipper helps being prepared to use your inflatable for the next time you use it.
  5. Fold inflatable into thirds and then in thirds again
  6. Now you have one long rectangle. Be sure to have fan tunnel located at one end of the rectangle
  7. Place tethers that were used to secure your inflatable from step one underneath the end with the fan tunnel
  8. Starting opposite from fan tunnel begin to tightly roll your inflatable
  9. Locate the tethers, lay tethers down underneath the end of the tunnel with fan tunnel.
  10. Begin to tightly roll your tunnel.
  11. Your inflatable is now tightly rolled with tethers located underneath
  12. Lastly, tie tethers and place back in bag.


So, you are now ready to set up and take down your own inflatable tunnel! In addition to having the knowledge, you will also have the best looking inflatable on your field!