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Unique Ways to Attract Business

Inflatables: A Unique Way to Attract Business

We are continuing our series highlighting some of the custom inflatable products used by marketing professionals to help drive business.  Our previous article covered branded custom inflatables, inflatable mascots and inflatable product replicas including inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, inflatable food, inflatable shoes, inflatable tires and more. This article takes a closer look at three more types of custom inflatable products that help attract customers.

Inflatable Entranceways

Inflatable entranceways are ideal for outdoor businesses such as flea markets and shopping centers.  They are also perfect for sporting events, concerts and festivals.  Inflatable entranceways branded with your colors and company logo not only help reinforce brand recognition, but also attract potential customers. We’ve even created some inflatable entranceways that were so unique and innovative that people couldn’t resist having their picture taken in front of them!

Custom Inflatable Products

IDG has developed innovative and unique custom inflatable products specifically designed to attract a crowd. Some of our most popular custom inflatable products include custom shapes, animals, stage props and military products, just to name a few.

Inflatable Logos

Inflatable logos are an excellent way to reinforce your brand and attract business.  Inflatable logos are among the branded custom inflatables that can be used at special events, festivals, sporting events, outside storefronts and even placed on the roof of a building.  The possibilities are endless!

IDG partners with marketing professionals to design and develop unique and innovative branded custom inflatables.  If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, we can help.  Give IDG a call today.