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Spread Awareness with Inflatable Medical Shapes 1

Spread Awareness with Inflatable Medical Shapes

inflatable medical shapes

October is the Month to Raise Awareness

October is known by many names, including Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here at IDG, we think the best way to stay healthy and informed is by raising awareness. That is why in the past we have teamed up with some great clients in order to create giant inflatable medical shapes. These shapes are perfect for creating a hands on learning environment. They are not only informational but they are also fun! From breasts to colons we have designed a plethora of educational inflatables that are easy to understand and great for any audience. 

Spread Awareness with Inflatable Medical Shapes 2Inflate Your Confidence with Inflatable Medical Shapes

Give everyone a boost in their confidence with inflatable medical shapes. These medical inflatables are teaching tools designed to help others. Increasing awareness about diseases and important warning signs is the number 1 way to catch health issues and cancer in their early stages. At Inflatable Design Group, we want to provide you with the most accurate medical inflatables possible. That is why we work with our clients every step of the way from initial designs to inflation. We do this to ensure a quality product that will succeed as an inflatable and as an educational tool. 

Increase Everyone’s Knowledge with IDG

This month, keep everyone as informed as possible with IDG. Our quality inflatables will provide your audience with information pertinent to everyone’s health. So be an advocate for awareness and we will help you design your ideal inflatable medical shape. Our inflatables are easy to inflate and deflate so that you can focus on spreading the word. In addition, they are easy to transports and come in a useful carrying bag. So whether you are at a health convention, medical trade show, school or just about anywhere, you can provide important information to everyone.