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Have Some Fun in the Sun with Interactive Inflatable Games

Fun in the Sun with Interactive Inflatable Games

Provide some fun in the sun at your next event with interactive inflatable games designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.  Interactive inflatable games look great both indoor and outdoor and make a great addition to any fan zone, tradeshow booth, or other events. Event attendees will love the competition and excitement that come from custom interactive inflatables.

Inflatable Design Group has an extensive list of interactive inflatable games that can be customized. All our interactive inflatable games have plenty of room to display company logos or sponsors and are a great way to build brand awareness.

Custom Inflatable Slides

Ever wanted to slide out of a shark’s mouth? With custom inflatable slides designed by IDG you can do that! Our team of skilled craftsmen can turn virtually anything into a huge inflatable slide! From small single-lane slides to multi-lane slides to waterslides, IDG can do it all.

Custom Inflatable slides with custom shapes
Custom Inflatable Slides: Oreo Slide (Top Left), Shark Slide (Bottom Left), Stormi Head Slide (Right)

Custom inflatable slides are a great addition to any event! They provide fun for all ages and are a great way to show off your brand. 

Custom Inflatable Obstacle Courses

With obstacles to go under, climb over, and slide down, custom inflatable obstacle courses are fun for all ages! Inflatable obstacle courses are among IDG’s most popular interactive inflatables. Like all our custom interactive inflatables, obstacle courses can be any size, shape, or color. Our team can also digitally print company logos or sponsors right onto inflatable obstacle courses.

obstacle courses interactive inflatable
Obstacle Courses Custom Interactive Inflatable Games

Choose from a variety of obstacle courses and customize it or work with IDG to create your custom shape! Event-goers will have tons of fun maneuvering and racing through the inflatable obstacles!

Custom Inflatable Bounce Houses and Combos

Work with IDG’s innovative team to customize an inflatable bounce house for your next event. Your inflatable bounce house can be any size, shape, and color. We have created bounce houses in the shape of a pumpkin, a giant fish, and even team mascots! 

custom shape interactive bounce houses
Custom Shape Inflatable Bounce Houses: Bass Pro Shops Fish (Top Left), Shark Bounce House (Bottom Left), Kannapolis Cannon Ballers Belly Bounce (Right)

IDG’s inflatable bounce houses can also be customized and branded to display your company or sponsor’s name and logos. Our team can digitally print anything right onto your inflatable. This is a great way to call out your sponsors and build brand awareness.  

Take your bounce house a step further. IDG also makes 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 inflatable combo bounce houses. These bounce houses have different elements added such as an attached slide and obstacles that add to the fun!  

custom inflatable bounce house
Custom Inflatable Bounce House 3-In-1 Combo

Custom Interactive Inflatable Money Machines

Inflatable Money Machines are an excellent interactive inflatable game that helps promote your brand in an exciting way! These inflatable cash cubes can be customized and branded with your company logo, sponsor, or anything else. Inflatable money machines are an unforgettable promotion that will leave a lasting impression on your participants. They are great for creating a buzz at grand openings, tradeshows, special events, and so much more!

money machine inflatable custom
Interactive Inflatable Money Machine: Circular (Left), Custom Shape (Middle), Cube (Right)

Fill your inflatable money machine with real money, coupons, or gift certificates. Watch as eventgoers enter the inflatable money machine and try their luck at catching the items swirling around them. Fans will flock to your inflatable money machine.  It is fun for those playing and those watching!  

Custom Interactive Inflatable Games

IDG also has a huge selection of interactive inflatable games that are fully customizable!  From inflatable tee-ball to inflatable tic-tac-toe, there is an interactive inflatable game for everyone! 

custom interactive inflatable games
Custom Interactive Inflatable Games

Interactive inflatable games are perfect for elevating your fan zone or adding some competition to an event.  They are fully customizable to your specifications and colors.  Have your company logo or sponsors digitally printed right on them to build brand awareness! 

Check out a list of custom inflatable games here

Order Your Custom Interactive Inflatable Games

Interactive inflatable games are great for any event, indoor or outdoor.  They are also 100% customizable when you work with Inflatable Design Group!  Brand your interactive inflatable game with your company logo, slogan, or sponsors to build brand awareness!

All interactive inflatable games designed by IDG are durable, can be used many times, and are easy to set up, take down, and transport. 

Get started on your custom interactive inflatable game today!

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