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Get moving in 2017 with interactive inflatables from IDG! 2

Get moving in 2017 with interactive inflatables from IDG!

Up & Exercising 

Walk, crawl, run and exercise with interactive inflatables in 2017.  Inflatable Design Group is the perfect place to get started to produce some of the best branded inflatable games in the industry. Bring the fun to working out and staying healthy this year! We offer the largest assortment of interactive inflatables on the market so, there is always an inflatable for you! 

Inflatable Survivor Arch Mud Run

Fun for the masses!

Exercising can be fun with an inflatable obstacle course as you challenge your opponent to a race through a giant 45’L inflatable that is filled with crawl thru tubes, climb, slide and various obstacles!  This game will get your heart pumping and entertain the crowd. Make everyone want to be active will interactive inflatables! Check our this awesome interactive inflatable we created for The Slime Run. There is no doubt you will have the crowd smiling with inflatables at your run! 

Inflatable run tunnel Cylinder 5K

Interactive Inflatables

Run under a giant inflatable archway as you blast past the finish line at the 5K race.  Inflatable Finish lines are a great way to dress up your event and an excellent finish line for your participants. Inflatable archways come in all shapes and sizes. Picture perfect moments are only one step away so, get your inflatable archway now! There is no better addition to your race day. 

Inflatable Slip n Slide 5K

Make your next sporting event a winner with the help of Inflatable Design Group! Check out all the inflatables games we have to offer from bungee runs to obstacle courses.  Show off with interactive fun in 2017. Interactive inflatables are the most unique way to make your event stand out this year. Our team is ready to help you create the inflatable of your dreams. Contact us now to start your inflatable journey! You won’t believe the places a custom inflatable can take you!