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Custom Inflatable Moon for Karol G

Karol G: Inflatable Moon, Inflatable Obelisks, & More

Karol G is a Colombian singer and songwriter.  She has multiple accolades including numerous Latin Grammy wins, and Latin Grammy nominations and her 2022 tour titled $trip Love was recently named the ‘Highest Grossing Us Tour by a Female Latin Act’ in history by Billboard.  Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of working with her team to create custom inflatables, including a giant custom inflatable moon, used for her stage sets during her tour and performance at the Latin Grammys.

Custom inflatables are perfect for stage design.  Our team can make virtually any vision come to life in the form of custom inflatables.  When compared to traditional materials used for stage design, inflatables are lighter and pack up into smaller packages.  This makes them cheaper and easier to travel with.  Check out examples of our previous inflatable stage sets to get more information about why you should utilize custom inflatables in your next stage design.

Custom Inflatable Moon

In 2022, Karol G went on a concert tour where she performed in arenas all over the United States.  The tour was titled $trip Love and IDG was lucky enough to create multiple inflatables for her stage design, including a custom inflatable moon.

Custom Inflatable Moon During Karol G's $trip Love Tour
Custom Inflatable Moon During Karol G’s $trip Love Tour

The custom inflatable moon was about 14 feet in diameter.  The art was done by our in-house artist who specializes in airbrushing and art for custom inflatables.  The inflatable moon had an internal light that helped illuminate it during Karol G’s performance.  In the middle of her performance, the inflatable moon descended from the ceiling and floated toward the stage, hovering above the singer/songwriter, before floating around the stage and eventually disappearing. See it for yourself on YouTube.

Another great thing about using custom inflatables in your stage set is that they are very fast to inflate and deflate.  They can also be hooked up to timers and be inflated at a specific time during an artist’s performance.

Custom Inflatable Barbed Wire Heart

IDG also manufactured two giant custom inflatable barbed wire hearts for Karol G’s $trip Love 2022 tour.

Inflatable Barbed Wire Heart for Karol G Tour
Inflatable Barbed Wire Heart for Karol G Tour

A platform was installed in the middle of the inflatable barbed wire hearts for the artist to stand on.  Karol G started her concert by floating onto the stage inside one of the inflatable barbed wire hearts.

The inflatable hearts were designed after the artist/songwriter’s arm tattoo which was also the opener of her album KG0516.     

Karol G’s 2022 Latin Grammy Performance

Karol G was nominated for 3 Grammys at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards.  She also performed multiple songs including her new song “Cairo”. 

After her Strip Love tour, IDG had the pleasure of working with the talented Karol G again in manufacturing custom inflatable obelisks for her stage set during her “Cairo” performance. 

Inflatable Obelisks During Karol G 2022 Latin Grammy Performance
Inflatable Obelisks During Karol G 2022 Latin Grammy Performance

There were four inflatable obelisks, each covered in hieroglyphics.  Two of them were 22 feet tall while the other two were 26 feet tall. 

Inflatable Obelisks with Hieroglyphics
Inflatable Obelisks with Hieroglyphics

During award show performances, artists are given very little time to set up and take down their stage sets.  The inflatable obelisks inflated within seconds and packed up into very small packages, making them efficient and easy to set up and take down in the limited allotted time slot.

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