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creative and interactive learning with educational inflatables

Creative and Interactive Learning with Educational Inflatables

Creative and Interactive Learning with Educational Inflatables

Be your own Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and take your students on a field trip inside the human body. From human anatomy to endangered species, educational inflatables are a creative and engaging way to educate students. Inflatable Design Group can turn virtually anything into a giant custom educational inflatable.

Learning About Endangered Species with Educational Inflatables

Elephant Thoughts is a Canadian charity that provides educational programs and solutions to schools and museums around the world. Their traveling educational program, Zoo Guts, aims to teach children about endangered species in Canada. To do this in an exciting and creative way Elephant Thoughts worked with IDG to create educational inflatables of 5 animals: a polar bear, salmon, duck, snail, and turtle.

Endangered Species Educational Inflatables for Elephant Thoughts Zoo Guts program

These larger-than-life inflatable animals were manufactured as tunnels and equipped with removable inflatable organs such as lungs, kidneys, brain, liver, heart, and intestines.  Participants could enter the endangered animal’s inner cavity and assemble its organs while learning about the inner workings of each animal.

Educational Inflatable Salmon Zoo Guts Exhibit
Salmon Education Inflatable at Elephant Thoughts Exhibit

Elephant Thoughts Zoo Guts exhibit is a perfect example of one of the many uses of custom educational inflatables. The exhibit provided an interactive and engaging learning experience for participants of all ages.  

More Educational Inflatable Animal Exhibits

IDG’s innovative team has worked with museums around the nation to create custom educational inflatables of various animals, including a 48-foot-long whale inflatable. Like the educational inflatable exhibit created for the Elephant Thoughts exhibit, this whale has an opening, allowing museum guests to enter inside the huge mammal. Once inside, guests could view the inner cavity of the whale and learn about its organs and skeleton structure.      

Whale Educational Inflatable Tunnel
Custom Whale Education Inflatable for Aquarium Exhibit

IDG can turn any animal into a custom educational inflatable for an exhibit.

Educational Inflatables in the Medical Field

Educational inflatables are also commonly used within the medical field. Larger-than-life inflatable human organs bring awareness and attention to the human body and its possible diseases.   

 Colorectal cancer and breast cancer are two of the most diagnosed cancers in the country. Giant inflatables are a great way to bring awareness and educate people on these diseases. Having a giant inflatable visual aid helps people grasp the importance of screening and the dangers of the various types of cancer.  

Colon Cancer Custom Educational Inflatable

Custom inflatables also serve as a great way to educate people about the human skeleton system and organs.

For example, IDG created an inflatable knee that was displayed at a health care tradeshow and used to educate people on the most complex joint in the body.  Like many of our other educational inflatables, people could walk inside the knee, which was labeled with the various parts of the joint.  

Educational Inflatable Knee Exhibit
Knee Exhibit Educational Inflatable

Educational inflatables are an interactive and creative way to educate people of all ages about the complex human body.  IDG has created giant inflatables of human organs such as the brain.  This custom inflatable was labeled so people could learn, in detail, about out body’s most complex organ.

custom inflatable brain for educational exhibit
Custom Brain Educational Inflatable for Medical Exhibit

Custom Educational Inflatables

Animal and medical inflatables are just a few examples of custom educational inflatables IDG has created over their 20 years of business. They are a great, interactive way to educate people on various topics. Since they are inflatable, they are easy to transport and set up, making them perfect for traveling exhibits or tradeshows.    

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